It’s out now!!! Book 2 in the Savannah Sisters trilogy hit the electronic shelves on March 1, while the paperback versions should be making an appearance on March 6. Check out the excerpt below!

The beast of Sabatini House is real. 

And only one beauty can tame him.

When Willow Harden arrives at Tate Kingston’s island castle for her housekeeper job, she finds her temperamental boss isn’t just an enigmatic author living in self-imposed exile—he’s an attractive flesh-and-blood man. Soon she’s thinking less about her mission to uncover his family’s secrets than about being under his covers. Until an unplanned pregnancy sets them on a collision course with destiny…

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Sabatini House. Finally.

Willow stared up at the imposing, impressive castle-like residence through the windshield of her car. The thunderstorm raging around it was only appropriate. A structure as mysterious and unique as Sabatini House deserved an atmospheric introduction.

Unfortunately, since the owner hadn’t answered the intercom when she’d stopped at the gates, Willow now had to figure out how to get inside. It took concentrated effort to relax her fingers on the steering wheel.

The rain pounded her little car, at times completely obscuring the view. Willow had been fascinated with Sabatini House for several years, since she’d discovered mention of its owners, the Kingston family, in her great-grandmother’s journals. But they contained very little about its history, which had only whetted her appetite for more.

According to the rare articles she’d found about the house since then, it was said to have been built by a Spanish pirate for his lover. It featured underground caves that allowed the ocean to actually flow underneath the house to create a swimming cove. In her journal, Willow’s great-grandmother had described the cave from her one and only time sneaking into a party in the house, declaring it a truly magical tie between the land and the sea. As a descendant of pirates herself, that would be something her great-grandmother would have appreciated.

From the outside it still looked like a magnificent castle, with turrets and peaks and arched windows. But Willow was dying for a glimpse of the inside. She hadn’t been able to find any photos or documentation in her research. The current reclusive owner had never allowed anyone else inside besides his caretaker, Murdoch Evans, and the occasional trusted workman.

Until today.

Taking a deep breath, Willow pulled her raincoat around her as best she could. There wasn’t any point feeling wimpy about the rain. She needed to get inside. The sooner she settled in, the sooner she could start looking for clues. As much as the house fascinated her, the secrets it held were what truly drew her here. Secrets about the Kingstons, and one fateful night generations ago, that could change her own history forever.



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It’s RELEASE DAY, Ladies and Gents!

My latest Harlequin Desire, UNBRIDLED BILLIONAIRE, hits the virtual and physical shelves today. My second Harrington brother story continues to explore the lives of these incredible men that changed when their father left them an undescribable inheritance. This is Kane’s story…

Dani Wade, Harlequin Desire, Billionaire romance


A Cinderella moment…with an untamable billionaire 

Presley Macarthur was always a plain Jane, a fact her stepmother pointed out at every turn. But Presley’s passion is horses, and when a bad business deal leaves her at the mercy of newly wealthy stable owner Kane Harrington, Presley finds herself on the brink of a sensual transformation she never saw coming.

Kane has a use for Presley—to make him legitimate in the exclusive world of high-dollar horse breeding. But there’s nothing useful about his growing feelings for her. After losing it all before, is he willing to take the ultimate risk again, and make this woman’s passionate transformation complete?

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An Introvert Author’s Version of a Wild Party…RT Con, Part 2

And here we are!!! I promised I’d share my experience at the Romantic Times Convention, but as long-winded as I am we’ve had to move to Part Deux! You’ll forgive me, won’t you???

I believe we’ve made it to Thursday, which ended up being my busiest day! I had a breakfast with some of my fellow Harlequin category authors hosted by the gracious Patience Bloom and Diane Moggy. I got to see some authors I’d met before and meet some new ones, including sitting across from the totally cool Helen Kay Dimon.

I think the thing that struck me about the conversations around this table is how smart and savvy these women are – about business, about books and story, and about readers (because we are all readers, right?). I could have listened all day, but we had to get downstairs to the Harlequin author signing!

There’s nothing like turning that corner and seeing hundreds of readers in line to receive books! They got a free Harlequin tote bag, signed books, and breakfast smoothies! I met so many wonderful readers, as I did at all of my events. And got to share a table with a totally cool, fellow Harlequin Desire author Karen Booth.

Harlequin Desire, Karen Booth, Dani Wade, RT2017

Harlequin Desire, Dani Wade, RT2017
So – as an auburn-haired woman, I’ll admit I avoid wearing red like the plague! There are very few people I would wear it for, but one of these people is Angel Payne! She invited me to join her First Base with an Author event and I let her talk me into wearing this:

Dani Wade, Ella Sheridan, Angel Payne, Dorothy Shaw, RT2017

This was like speed dating 10 people at once. As a set of two others, we went to each table and talked to readers there for a (very) brief five minutes. My partner in crime here was super sexy author Dorothy Shaw. Honestly I was scared to goodness of making a fool of myself, but the readers were wonderfully friendly and we ended up having lots of fun.

Friday morning I got to attend a fun Harlequin series event called Harlequin Confessions, where we played a little game of Have You Ever or Have You Never where our table answered questions about various scenarios like “have you ever skinny-dipped?? Or “have you ever met a celebrity?”. Let’s just say we got to know a lot about each other! LOL. We also got to give away free books and lots of fun prizes.
That night Ella and I got to have dinner with Sandra Owens and talk lots of shop with her and a budding author friend. Sandra’s books are awesome! I swear, if we had not been surrounded by authors and readers, we might have gotten in trouble for brainstorming how to force a hero to care for a baby!
We finished up on Saturday with the big book signing call the Giant Book Fair. I had so much fun reconnecting with the readers and talking to the authors near me.

RT Giant Bookfair, Dani Wade

I was super impressed with young adult author Sarah Dessen. My daughter asked for one of her books while I was there and she was signing. When I went over before the signing to get a book for Book Worm, and found out that Sarah’s books hadn’t come in. She was graciously signing the few advanced reader copies she had with her. As we talked, I was super impressed with her sense of humor as she faced what could be an author’s worst nightmare. She had hundreds of YA readers who would be expecting to get her books and she wouldn’t have any, through no fault of her own. And she said she wished she had brought her balloon animal making kit. Then she could send everyone home with a balloon animal. LOL I was quite impressed with her humor and graciousness.
Ella and I headed home that evening, driving in the dark and super exhausted but in a very good way. It’s always fun to drive along and sing to each other, talk about what we’ve learned and what we enjoyed. And no matter how tired you are after being on the go for five days straight and not sleeping well in your hotel room, there’s always the satisfaction of knowing that you connected with other people who totally get your love of the written word and the Happily Ever After that comes with every romance story.

Until next time…Enjoy!


An Introvert Author’s Version of a Wild Party…RT Con, Part 1

My recent trip to Atlanta to attend the Romantic Times Reader Convention was a weeklong experience of connecting with other authors, new-to-me readers, and dear, dear friends. I tried to share parts of the experience on my Facebook page, but I thought I’d take the time to go a little more in depth so you could follow the fun.

My traveling buddy, Ella Sheridan and I, drove in since we live close enough to Atlanta to make it feasible and be able to carry a ton more promo because we didn’t have to worry about luggage weight! That evening we got to have dinner with the lovely Angel Payne, Victoria Blue, and Shannon Hunt. These ladies are fabulous and you must, must read the Secrets of Stone series by Angel and Victoria.

Secrets of Stone, Angel Payne, Victoria Blue, Contemporary Romance

Who should drop by dinner but Golden Czermack A.K.A. The Furious Fotog. In addition to being a wonderful photographer, he’s also a model and author. So cool to meet him in person!
The next morning I got to play some rousing games of trope bingo with a lively group of readers. This is where hostess Kimberly Lang called out classic romance tribes like secret baby, cowboys, and women in peril. So much fun discussing what everyone loved and hated in their romance reads.

workshop giveaways, Ella Sheridan, Dani Wade
Our Giveaways for our Workshop

Ellen Sheridan and I were privileged to be able to share all the things we’ve learned about marketing our books over the last few years (and are still learning) with a very full room at RT in the workshop called Advertising on a Budget. We were both very nervous, especially when staring out at a packed house, but our audience was great. There were lots of interesting questions and discussion and I had several people come up to me later to remark on how helpful it was! So I’m glad we overcame our fears to be able to share what we’ve learned.

Ella Sheridan, Dani Wade, RT17

Over dinner that night I was able to meet a new to me author, Jean Shoup. Authors can’t get together without talking shop! But one cool new thing Jean is doing is a podcast about how the spiritual realms touch our day-to-day lives. You can find out more at

This excites me because I listen to podcasts to get me through my day job and I love spooky stories! I’ve already downloaded the first one. I can’t wait to listen.

Wednesday night Ella and I dressed up in our best 50s impression and attended the Rockabilly Street Festival! There was retro food like hot dogs and Frito pie, carnival games with book theme is an author signing books. But the best part was the band!

Rockabilly Street Festival, RT2017, Romantic Times Convention, Dani Wade

rockabilly street festival, Romantic Times Readers Convention

Rockabilly Street Festival, RT2017, Dani Wade, Ella Sheridan

Rockabilly Street Festival, rockabilly band, Romantic Times Readers Convention
This is getting pretty long, so I’ll have more next week…stay tuned for RT Convention, Part Deux!  😊

Until then…enjoy!


Ready for a Sneak Peek?

I hope all of you have enjoyed Reining in the Billionaire this month! But don’t forget–we have one more Harrington brother to go…

Kane’s story, Unbridled Billionaire, comes out in June. Harlequin just sent me the final cover and I have to say, this model has the smolder down pat!

Dani Wade, Harlequin Desire, Billionaire romance

Yep–Kane is just as much of a handful as his brother, only in a dark, more demanding capacity. Here’s a sneak peek at his story!


A Cinderella moment…with an untamable billionaire 

Presley Macarthur was always a plain Jane, a fact her stepmother pointed out at every turn. But Presley’s passion is horses, and when a bad business deal leaves her at the mercy of newly wealthy stable owner Kane Harrington, Presley finds herself on the brink of a sensual transformation she never saw coming. 

Kane has a use for Presley—to make him legitimate in the exclusive world of high-dollar horse breeding. But there’s nothing useful about his growing feelings for her. After losing it all before, is he willing to take the ultimate risk again, and make this woman’s passionate transformation complete?


A sudden high pitched squeak broke the silence. The murmur of voices from the right-hand fork of the aisle. Guess he wasn’t as alone as he’d thought. Had a sneaky couple decided to play some games in the stables while the party was going on? Normally he would just ignore it, but that wing had been declared off limits to visitors earlier in the day.

Because that’s where their new breeding stud was being kept.

Sun was a very new addition, having only arrived yesterday, and Kane hadn’t wanted him disturbed by a rush of onlookers. He needed time to get used to his new digs.

Picking up speed, Kane rounded the corner and made his way toward the noise. The closer he got, the more his calm melted away, because the voice seemed to be coming from the stud’s stall. Singular and soft, it had to be a woman. And either she was talking to the horse or some man was getting an earful of sexy whispers.

The stall was about halfway down the aisle, but as Kane approached something further down caught his attention. The back door to this wing sat ajar, giving him a glimpse of the black night now blanketing the land…and the glint of the inside lights off a metal frame. A truck? A trailer?

Was this woman stealing his horse?

His big body automatically adopted stealth mode, almost silent on the hard-packed earthen floor. He gave the stall door a wide berth, coming around it in the shadows across the aisle so he could see without being seen. As he paused, a sudden awareness of the pumping of his heart and an intense curiosity flooded over him.

Guess he wasn’t bored now…

Over the half wall, Kane could see the massive stallion stood unusually still, almost as if mesmerized by the woman’s voice. She spoke continuously as she worked-from what Kane could tell, she was indeed readying him for transport. But the whole time she touched him, steadying him with a firm hand that bespoke familiarity and authority.

Her actions contradicted her clothing choice. Through the barely open door he caught a quick peek of the flat soles of her sandals—her only concession to her work. The straps across her feet were bejeweled-or at least, what little he could see peeking out through the straw. A loose sundress of nondescript grey-blue material skimmed what appeared to be a lightly muscled body rather than hugging the curves beneath.

Pretty, but not flashy. She certainly hadn’t caught his attention earlier tonight. If she’d been present at the party-as the dress suggested-he couldn’t remember her. And he had a feeling he would remember the wealth of caramel-colored hair she’d pulled back into a thick ponytail. He found himself wondering what her face looked like, but first, he needed to know what she was up to.

Many people didn’t realize that behind his stoic exterior, Kane was an exceedingly patient man. He stood for a good ten minutes in silence, cataloguing the woman’s movements, actions, guessing at her intentions. She had an incredible talent to soothe the giant horse they’d nicknamed “the Beast”, but the breakaway-style halter, blanket, and leg wraps left him in no doubt that she planned to leave here with his horse.

As if the truck and trailer didn’t make that plain enough.

As she finished the last of her preparations, Kane decided it was time to make his move. Stepping out of the shadows, he moved to block the open stall door. The Beast caught sight of him first, lifting his head with a little jerk that conveyed his uneasiness at Kane’s appearance.

The little thief didn’t catch on as quick…