It’s out now!!! Book 2 in the Savannah Sisters trilogy hit the electronic shelves on March 1, while the paperback versions should be making an appearance on March 6. Check out the excerpt below!

The beast of Sabatini House is real. 

And only one beauty can tame him.

When Willow Harden arrives at Tate Kingston’s island castle for her housekeeper job, she finds her temperamental boss isn’t just an enigmatic author living in self-imposed exile—he’s an attractive flesh-and-blood man. Soon she’s thinking less about her mission to uncover his family’s secrets than about being under his covers. Until an unplanned pregnancy sets them on a collision course with destiny…

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Sabatini House. Finally.

Willow stared up at the imposing, impressive castle-like residence through the windshield of her car. The thunderstorm raging around it was only appropriate. A structure as mysterious and unique as Sabatini House deserved an atmospheric introduction.

Unfortunately, since the owner hadn’t answered the intercom when she’d stopped at the gates, Willow now had to figure out how to get inside. It took concentrated effort to relax her fingers on the steering wheel.

The rain pounded her little car, at times completely obscuring the view. Willow had been fascinated with Sabatini House for several years, since she’d discovered mention of its owners, the Kingston family, in her great-grandmother’s journals. But they contained very little about its history, which had only whetted her appetite for more.

According to the rare articles she’d found about the house since then, it was said to have been built by a Spanish pirate for his lover. It featured underground caves that allowed the ocean to actually flow underneath the house to create a swimming cove. In her journal, Willow’s great-grandmother had described the cave from her one and only time sneaking into a party in the house, declaring it a truly magical tie between the land and the sea. As a descendant of pirates herself, that would be something her great-grandmother would have appreciated.

From the outside it still looked like a magnificent castle, with turrets and peaks and arched windows. But Willow was dying for a glimpse of the inside. She hadn’t been able to find any photos or documentation in her research. The current reclusive owner had never allowed anyone else inside besides his caretaker, Murdoch Evans, and the occasional trusted workman.

Until today.

Taking a deep breath, Willow pulled her raincoat around her as best she could. There wasn’t any point feeling wimpy about the rain. She needed to get inside. The sooner she settled in, the sooner she could start looking for clues. As much as the house fascinated her, the secrets it held were what truly drew her here. Secrets about the Kingstons, and one fateful night generations ago, that could change her own history forever.



Your New Book Boyfriend is HERE!

It’s RELEASE DAY, Ladies and Gents!

My latest Harlequin Desire, UNBRIDLED BILLIONAIRE, hits the virtual and physical shelves today. My second Harrington brother story continues to explore the lives of these incredible men that changed when their father left them an undescribable inheritance. This is Kane’s story…

Dani Wade, Harlequin Desire, Billionaire romance


A Cinderella moment…with an untamable billionaire 

Presley Macarthur was always a plain Jane, a fact her stepmother pointed out at every turn. But Presley’s passion is horses, and when a bad business deal leaves her at the mercy of newly wealthy stable owner Kane Harrington, Presley finds herself on the brink of a sensual transformation she never saw coming.

Kane has a use for Presley—to make him legitimate in the exclusive world of high-dollar horse breeding. But there’s nothing useful about his growing feelings for her. After losing it all before, is he willing to take the ultimate risk again, and make this woman’s passionate transformation complete?

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Who doesn’t love a good romance for a great price? Harlequin is having a special sale on all of my back list books from Harlequin Desire from now until October 25th! You can get digital copies of each of the books below for only $1.99. Don’t miss out, because these don’t go on sale often… So Stock Up Now!

Harlequin Desire, His By Design, Dani WadeHIS BY DESIGN

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a bride's tangled vows. dani wade. harlequin desire. contemporary romanceA BRIDE’S TANGLED VOWS

Mill Town Millionaires, Book 1

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Mill Town Millionaires, Billionaires and Babies, Blackstone Heir, Dani WadeTHE BLACKSTONE HEIR

Mill Town Millionaires, Book 2

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The Renegade Returns, Mill Town Millionaires, Harlequin Desire, Dani WadeTHE RENEGADE RETURNS

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Expecting His Secret Heir Release Day

AND A CONTEST! Join me for some cool happenings today…

Expecting his Secret Heir, Mill Town Millionaires, Harlequin Desire, Dani Wade, Passion


EXPECTING HIS SECRET HEIR arrives on the virtual shelves today-and I’m so excited to see the final installment of my Mill Town Millionaires series out in the world. The town of Black Hills, SC has been with me for several years, and I hope readers enjoy their time there.

To celebrate, I’m releasing “Extras” pages for each of the Mill Town Millionaires books! I’m fascinated about the writing process of other authors and what things inspire their various books, so I decided to share some of those things for each of these books with my readers.

But there’s more to it than just learning more about the Mill Town Millionaire’s series…There’s a RELEASE WEEK CONTEST that you can enter to win some cool reader jewelry. Here’s the RULES: Read each of the 4 book pages, and while you’re there, collect the titles of each heroine’s “theme song”. Enter it into the slots on this Rafflecopter page BEFORE 9/07/16, and you are entered to win this prize:

EHSH Contest prize

The contest is open until September 7! You can find the individual book pages under the book descriptions on the Mill Town Millionaires Series page. Be sure to visit all 4!

Then share the excitement of Release Day with anyone and everyone!  🙂  Go ahead…I’ll wait. Just kidding…but really, thank you for sharing this and every other release day with me. It’s always more fun to party with friends!

Expecting His Secret Heir, Mill Town Millionaires, Dani Wade, Harlequin Desire

The one-night stand who got away is back—and expecting… 

Security entrepreneur Zachary Gatlin can’t decide whether to kiss her senseless or give her the brush-off, but Sadie Adams insinuates herself into his business and he’s hooked.

Sadie’s on a mission to dig up dirt on Zach and disqualify him from a multimillion-dollar inheritance. Success means she’ll be able to pay for her little sister’s medical bills. But when Zach once again proves irresistible to Sadie, she faces a fateful choice: follow her heart or save her sister. And then there’s the child she’s carrying—Zach’s child…

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I grew up in a small town in Tennessee. It was a farming community where everyone knew everyone – big players and small. In school, everyone knew what family and family type you were from. And when something exciting happened – fabulous or scandalous – everyone heard about it within a matter of hours…and had some kind of comment on the matter.

Behind the Scars, Dani Wade, sexy romantic suspense, small town secrets series, southern romance
Kate McIntyre, the heroine of BEHIND THE SCARS, has experienced that fall out recently. After the sex scandal that rocked her family’s world, she’s eager to keep her secrets to herself.

Everyone in a small town has secrets, but Kate McIntyre’s have followed her home.

Daire Rousseau grew up in Cadence, but has never really felt at home here despite his sprawling family estate and ties to the town’s heavy hitters. His secrets are buried in confidential military files he hopes never to relive again – every night in his dreams is bad enough. Kate is a sexy challenge that distracts him from his demons. Until a new horror is unleashed in their cozy community.

When a student’s admiration for her takes a dark turn, Kate turns to a hometown hero for help and protection. Ex-Green Beret Daire Rousseau knows the face of evil all too well–and he’ll do anything to keep it from this pretty redhead. Can they trust each other to look behind the scars that define them?

Kate McIntyre, college art teacher and sculptor, holds people at a distance. That’s how she copes with her internal and external scars, after a car wreck that left her fighting for her life. Art is her only outlet for sensuality–until Daire returns to Cadence, TN.

She’s shocked by how much she wants the sexy, silent veteran, and crushed when after one drunken embrace, he pushes her away. But when she realizes she has a stalker, Daire is the man she wants at her side.

Daire Rousseau may have been born to wealth, but he grew up a loner, shuffled off to boarding schools after his mother’s death. He joined the Army to prove he was more a man than his father, and found a close-knit band of brothers. But after being captured and tortured by the enemy, he’s fighting a new war–battling to get back to the man he was. And afraid his scars will never let him forget. Convinced his battered body and psyche will repulse an innocent beauty like Kate, he pushes her away. Until the only way to keep her safe is to stay by her side day and night.

Come back to Cadence, TN–where secrets can be deadly. Get your copy of BEHIND THE SCARS today!

Available at AMAZON for only 99 cents for a limited time!

What’s a book release without a celebration? I’d love to give one of my lovely readers this cute little bracelet as a reminder of our love of reading! Just comment on the world – setting that stands out based in your mind as a story world you can’t wait to revisit.  [JR Ward’s Caldwell comes to my mind!] Or a place you’d like to see as a setting in a romance novel. One lucky commenter will be chosen to win!

small town secrets, reader gift, behind the scars, beneath the surface, dani wade

Don’t forget – if you haven’t read the Small Town Secrets novella, SNOW BOUND,

you can read it for FREE with this Special Offer.

#amwriting 2 books at once

I’m in the home stretch of 2 projects—which is making sleep a rare commodity around here. Both are drafts.

#amwriting, romance author, first drafts


BEHIND THE SCARS, Small Town Secrets Book 2, which I’ve been promising to my beta reader since November…before life intervened.

DUET 1, working title for my next promised Harlequin project. I’m well over halfway on this one and making steady progress, which is good because it’s due at the end of the month.

writing, fireplace, staying warm

Oh, and production for the release of BEHIND THE SCARS and the upcoming BACKSTAGE PASS ANTHOLOGY is moving right along!

So bear with me, dear readers, and pray I finish with at least some hair left on my head…


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year-just a little bit late…

Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know this, but December 2015 was an unusual month for my family. Hubby had surgery for Crohn’s, in addition to a weekend in the hospital earlier in the month for a flare. So we spent most of December in preparation and recovery mode, not holiday mode (much to our children’s disappointment).

But I’m happy to report that he’s recovering very well, and is slowly returning to his regular activities. We are praying for his continued progress. I deeply appreciate all the encouragement and assistance we received from everyone as we embarked on uncharted scary territory!

During the same time, I managed to finish and turn in Zachary Gatlin’s book, which will be Mill Town Millionaires 4. His release is scheduled for September 2016, and I’m so grateful my publisher, Harlequin Enterprises, let me add this book to what was supposed to be a trilogy series.

writing, fireplace, staying warm

I hope you all enjoy Zach and Sadie’s story as much as I did. Getting to know these two characters, who have such similar strong commitments to their families, but very different circumstances and challenges, was tough, but also a joy.

So now its on to the next projects, which includes a new proposal for a new series for Harlequin! I’m also finishing the draft of the second Small Town Secrets book, Behind the Scars (cover coming soon!). I’ll have more info on that release next month. Also, check out my Facebook profile on January 8-10th as the Nice Girls celebrate National Bubble Bath Day! There will be lots of prizes and fun to be had…

Nice Girls Writing Naughty, Bubble Bath, bath, splish splash

In the meantime, I pray your new year is off to a wonderful start! Enjoy a warm cup of drinking chocolate and a good book-it’s what cold January evenings are made for!

reading, wintertime, warmth, fire, cozy nights