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This is a coordinated effort with lots of authors in many romance genres with BookSweeps. There’s something for every kind of reader!

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A Year of Enjoyment

I had a hard time titling this post, because the trips I’m discussing don’t fall under a single label. This fall I got to take 2 precious trips-small by other people’s standards but big to me-and I wanted to share that beauty with you.

Were they enjoyable? Of course! Relaxing? Definitely! But more than anything, they are precious memories that I savor as I attempt to calm the chaos in my life.


The first was a trip to the Smoky Mountains-a girls’ trip, to be exact. I go every year with these particular women. Since we’re all authors, we write. We brainstorm. Talk shop. Share about our families, what’s going well and not so well.


But we also play board games and laugh, which is good-I don’t laugh often enough. And we try to do something we’ve never done together before just for the sheer fun of doing it. This year we went to an Escape Room (and made it out with 20 minutes to spare!).

Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity
Marrying Mr. Darcy
Marrying Mr. Darcy


As if that wasn’t fun enough, I also got to visit Cade’s Cove this year! I’ve been nearby before, but never made the trek over there. Absolutely gorgeous!



Just a few weeks later, I went with my husband to a cabin on the lake for the weekend. We haven’t been away alone together in many years, so this was a very special treat.



Its so wonderful to discover that after 20 years + we can still have interesting conversations, similar interests, and the ability to simply rest in each other’s presence. It was a quiet, reaffirming weekend.

What’s the most peaceful time you’ve had lately?


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Writers Beware! This is a plotting method book that I’m trying to learn. I was already a plotter (so the pants were already long gone), so I’m hoping to add a little streamlining to my process. The book is quick, but not necessarily easy. If you’re interested in stepping up your plotting process, this book is perfect for you!


I just turned in the proposal for my first Savannah Sisters trilogy, which will start next year with Harlequin Desire! I’ll be working on that, in addition to a short story that I hope to release next year.

Reining in the Billionaire, Dani Wade, Harlequin DesireThe start of my upcoming Kentucky Harrington brothers is now up for pre-order! Check it out on Amazon and B&N.

Cover Goodness

I’ve received lots of good news over the last few weeks, not the least of which is new covers for some of my books, and I just had to share them with y’all!

Awesome editor sent me the cover for my next release, Reining in the Billionaire (Harlequin Desire, February 2017), which is up for pre-order now! Gotta love a man and his horse (but most of all, that sexy cowboy hat)!

Reining in the Billionaire, Dani Wade, Harlequin Desire

A little more about the first installment of my Harrington brothers Kentucky horse racing series:

An instant billionaire wants revenge…and more! 

Mason Harrington grew up as a rough-and-tumble stable boy. But a shocking inheritance enables him and his brother to return to their hometown and settle some scores. First on the agenda: take over the elite horse farm belonging to the woman who once broke Mason’s heart when her daddy said he wasn’t good enough.

Despite Mason’s motives, EvaMarie Hyatt has no choice but to stay on at the ranch and work for him. Soon it becomes clear Mason wants more than revenge. Even more surprising: EvaMarie’s willingness to succumb. But will new misunderstandings derail their renewed passion, or will this second chance lead to forever?

And the Backstage Pass series has new covers too!!! Aren’t they gorgeous?

Finding Her Rhythm, Backstage Pass series, rock star romance

Settling the Score, Backstage Pass series, rock star romance

Striking a Chord, Backstage Pass series, rock star romance

So much yumminess there!!! Thanks to Jay Aheer from Simply Defined Art for the new look (to match the Backstage Pass Anthology cover that she created). I’m pretty happy with my rock stars at the moment! {Psstt… don’t forget to watch Rhythm this month-its going on sale for 99cents! Share with your friends!}


Special Harlequin Sale

Who doesn’t love a good romance for a great price? Harlequin is having a special sale on all of my back list books from Harlequin Desire from now until October 25th! You can get digital copies of each of the books below for only $1.99. Don’t miss out, because these don’t go on sale often… So Stock Up Now!

Harlequin Desire, His By Design, Dani WadeHIS BY DESIGN

Harlequin Desire

Amazon Kindle



a bride's tangled vows. dani wade. harlequin desire. contemporary romanceA BRIDE’S TANGLED VOWS

Mill Town Millionaires, Book 1

Harlequin Desire



Mill Town Millionaires, Billionaires and Babies, Blackstone Heir, Dani WadeTHE BLACKSTONE HEIR

Mill Town Millionaires, Book 2

*Billionaires & Babies*

Harlequin Desire



The Renegade Returns, Mill Town Millionaires, Harlequin Desire, Dani WadeTHE RENEGADE RETURNS

Mill Town Millionaires, Book 3

Harlequin Desire



Field Trip: Harlequin Junkie Q&A

I’m being featured today over on the Harlequin Junkie blog with a Q&A about EXPECTING HIS SECRET HEIR! There are some cool excerpts, behind the scenes info, and a giveaway of books 1-3 in the Mill Town Millionaires series. Come check it out!

Expecting his Secret Heir, Mill Town Millionaires, Harlequin Desire, Dani Wade, Passion

And see what else Sara has to offer on the cool site she’s put together. They’re very supportive of the romance genre and its a great place to hang out!

Expecting His Secret Heir Release Day

AND A CONTEST! Join me for some cool happenings today…

Expecting his Secret Heir, Mill Town Millionaires, Harlequin Desire, Dani Wade, Passion


EXPECTING HIS SECRET HEIR arrives on the virtual shelves today-and I’m so excited to see the final installment of my Mill Town Millionaires series out in the world. The town of Black Hills, SC has been with me for several years, and I hope readers enjoy their time there.

To celebrate, I’m releasing “Extras” pages for each of the Mill Town Millionaires books! I’m fascinated about the writing process of other authors and what things inspire their various books, so I decided to share some of those things for each of these books with my readers.

But there’s more to it than just learning more about the Mill Town Millionaire’s series…There’s a RELEASE WEEK CONTEST that you can enter to win some cool reader jewelry. Here’s the RULES: Read each of the 4 book pages, and while you’re there, collect the titles of each heroine’s “theme song”. Enter it into the slots on this Rafflecopter page BEFORE 9/07/16, and you are entered to win this prize:

EHSH Contest prize

The contest is open until September 7! You can find the individual book pages under the book descriptions on the Mill Town Millionaires Series page. Be sure to visit all 4!

Then share the excitement of Release Day with anyone and everyone!  🙂  Go ahead…I’ll wait. Just kidding…but really, thank you for sharing this and every other release day with me. It’s always more fun to party with friends!

Expecting His Secret Heir, Mill Town Millionaires, Dani Wade, Harlequin Desire

The one-night stand who got away is back—and expecting… 

Security entrepreneur Zachary Gatlin can’t decide whether to kiss her senseless or give her the brush-off, but Sadie Adams insinuates herself into his business and he’s hooked.

Sadie’s on a mission to dig up dirt on Zach and disqualify him from a multimillion-dollar inheritance. Success means she’ll be able to pay for her little sister’s medical bills. But when Zach once again proves irresistible to Sadie, she faces a fateful choice: follow her heart or save her sister. And then there’s the child she’s carrying—Zach’s child…

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A Year of…Movement

Making excuses burns ZERO calories per hour…

Fit is not a Destination, it’s a way of life…

I’ve often likened myself to a potato with legs. I’m not kidding. I’m simply a round woman in the middle, but my arms and legs are muscular and strong. Now I’m in my 40s and have fought several extensive health issues for more than a decade. It’s exhausting.

karate, exercise, active author, family
My son and I at one of our karate tests.

I started a karate class a year and a half ago, and proudly reached the level of green belt. I was finally making some headway when my husband got very sick last year and was diagnosed with Crohn’s after several hospital visits and a major surgery.

His care and juggling my family derailed me hard. If you’ve ever taken a break from exercise, you know how difficult it is to get started again. I’ve had quite a few starts and stops, but I have no excuse now not to be moving, except…it’s hard…and hot as Hades here in the South. But I determined to get moving, even if it was just a little at a time. I’m back in karate as often as my children’s commitments will allow (why do middle school football games have to be on Thursday nights??? And why must the band actually attend???). But I’m also doing a few other things:

  1. I have a very sedentary desk job. I used to try to stand for at least an hour per day and lift my keyboard/monitor with boxes. Then we got a new 2 monitor system with very short cords… But I’ve decided that even if I can’t stand for an hour, anything over 5 minutes is better than nothing. So anything that doesn’t require me to be staring at my computer screen is now a standing activity: opening mail, adding checks, checking batches… Some days it might only be 5 minutes, some days closer to 45, but its what I can manage without $500 for the type of standing desk that would lift 2 monitors.
Hoola hoop, exercise, active author
My custom Hoola Hoop!
  1. Hoola Hoop! Recently I got involved in a very unusual challenge. Some author friends and our kids went to a local art community and there was a woman selling hoola hoops. These weren’t just any hoops-they varied in weight and size so you could find the hoop that worked best for you (yes, the woman’s day job is as a research scientist. We have a lot of nerdy types here in northern Alabama.) Just trying it out was So Much Fun! So I splurged and bought one for my daughter and I to share. Now author Kimberly Lang and I are involved in a month-long Hoola Hoop Challenge on FB that you can cheer along HERE. We’ve started at 10 minutes per day and will be working our way up (don’t scoff-have YOU ever tried to hoola hoop for 10 minutes? It ain’t easy!)

Writing Playground, Hoola Hoops,  exercise

Once it cools down here, I can get back on the elliptical machine. I love it, but the garage is over 100 degrees during the day right now. But I know, as well as y’all do, that the more activity I can get in, the healthier I will be. It also helps calm my overactive brain, helps me focus and sleep better, and relieves stress better than anything else!

So what kind of exercise are you into? What keeps you the most motivated to move?


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What I’m Reading This Month

Hold You Against Me, Skye Warren, erotic romanceHold You Against Me by Skye Warren

Ah, the author who makes me like First Person Perspective.  🙂 I’m really not a first person reader, but I read one of Skye’s books for a book club and I’ve been hooked ever since. Her books are sexy, edgy, and make you holler “Oh, no he didn’t!”.  Dark, but exciting enough to make you gasp. Not for the faint of heart.

What I’m Writing This Month

Expecting his Secret Heir, Mill Town Millionaires, Harlequin Desire, Dani Wade, PassionThis month has been a hodge podge of administrative tasks (I’m getting ready for EXPECTING HIS SECRET HEIR’s release in September, plus the start of a promotional push for my Backstage Pass books the same month.), finishing up the draft of my first Savannah novella, editing REINING IN THE BILLIONAIRE, and writing on REIN’s sequel (currently untitled). So yeah…a little of this…a little of that…