An Introvert Author’s Version of a Wild Party…RT Con, Part 1

My recent trip to Atlanta to attend the Romantic Times Reader Convention was a weeklong experience of connecting with other authors, new-to-me readers, and dear, dear friends. I tried to share parts of the experience on my Facebook page, but I thought I’d take the time to go a little more in depth so you could follow the fun.

My traveling buddy, Ella Sheridan and I, drove in since we live close enough to Atlanta to make it feasible and be able to carry a ton more promo because we didn’t have to worry about luggage weight! That evening we got to have dinner with the lovely Angel Payne, Victoria Blue, and Shannon Hunt. These ladies are fabulous and you must, must read the Secrets of Stone series by Angel and Victoria.

Secrets of Stone, Angel Payne, Victoria Blue, Contemporary Romance

Who should drop by dinner but Golden Czermack A.K.A. The Furious Fotog. In addition to being a wonderful photographer, he’s also a model and author. So cool to meet him in person!
The next morning I got to play some rousing games of trope bingo with a lively group of readers. This is where hostess Kimberly Lang called out classic romance tribes like secret baby, cowboys, and women in peril. So much fun discussing what everyone loved and hated in their romance reads.

workshop giveaways, Ella Sheridan, Dani Wade
Our Giveaways for our Workshop

Ellen Sheridan and I were privileged to be able to share all the things we’ve learned about marketing our books over the last few years (and are still learning) with a very full room at RT in the workshop called Advertising on a Budget. We were both very nervous, especially when staring out at a packed house, but our audience was great. There were lots of interesting questions and discussion and I had several people come up to me later to remark on how helpful it was! So I’m glad we overcame our fears to be able to share what we’ve learned.

Ella Sheridan, Dani Wade, RT17

Over dinner that night I was able to meet a new to me author, Jean Shoup. Authors can’t get together without talking shop! But one cool new thing Jean is doing is a podcast about how the spiritual realms touch our day-to-day lives. You can find out more at

This excites me because I listen to podcasts to get me through my day job and I love spooky stories! I’ve already downloaded the first one. I can’t wait to listen.

Wednesday night Ella and I dressed up in our best 50s impression and attended the Rockabilly Street Festival! There was retro food like hot dogs and Frito pie, carnival games with book theme is an author signing books. But the best part was the band!

Rockabilly Street Festival, RT2017, Romantic Times Convention, Dani Wade

rockabilly street festival, Romantic Times Readers Convention

Rockabilly Street Festival, RT2017, Dani Wade, Ella Sheridan

Rockabilly Street Festival, rockabilly band, Romantic Times Readers Convention
This is getting pretty long, so I’ll have more next week…stay tuned for RT Convention, Part Deux!  😊

Until then…enjoy!



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