A Year of…Movement

Making excuses burns ZERO calories per hour…

Fit is not a Destination, it’s a way of life…

I’ve often likened myself to a potato with legs. I’m not kidding. I’m simply a round woman in the middle, but my arms and legs are muscular and strong. Now I’m in my 40s and have fought several extensive health issues for more than a decade. It’s exhausting.

karate, exercise, active author, family
My son and I at one of our karate tests.

I started a karate class a year and a half ago, and proudly reached the level of green belt. I was finally making some headway when my husband got very sick last year and was diagnosed with Crohn’s after several hospital visits and a major surgery.

His care and juggling my family derailed me hard. If you’ve ever taken a break from exercise, you know how difficult it is to get started again. I’ve had quite a few starts and stops, but I have no excuse now not to be moving, except…it’s hard…and hot as Hades here in the South. But I determined to get moving, even if it was just a little at a time. I’m back in karate as often as my children’s commitments will allow (why do middle school football games have to be on Thursday nights??? And why must the band actually attend???). But I’m also doing a few other things:

  1. I have a very sedentary desk job. I used to try to stand for at least an hour per day and lift my keyboard/monitor with boxes. Then we got a new 2 monitor system with very short cords… But I’ve decided that even if I can’t stand for an hour, anything over 5 minutes is better than nothing. So anything that doesn’t require me to be staring at my computer screen is now a standing activity: opening mail, adding checks, checking batches… Some days it might only be 5 minutes, some days closer to 45, but its what I can manage without $500 for the type of standing desk that would lift 2 monitors.
Hoola hoop, exercise, active author
My custom Hoola Hoop!
  1. Hoola Hoop! Recently I got involved in a very unusual challenge. Some author friends and our kids went to a local art community and there was a woman selling hoola hoops. These weren’t just any hoops-they varied in weight and size so you could find the hoop that worked best for you (yes, the woman’s day job is as a research scientist. We have a lot of nerdy types here in northern Alabama.) Just trying it out was So Much Fun! So I splurged and bought one for my daughter and I to share. Now author Kimberly Lang and I are involved in a month-long Hoola Hoop Challenge on FB that you can cheer along HERE. We’ve started at 10 minutes per day and will be working our way up (don’t scoff-have YOU ever tried to hoola hoop for 10 minutes? It ain’t easy!)

Writing Playground, Hoola Hoops,  exercise

Once it cools down here, I can get back on the elliptical machine. I love it, but the garage is over 100 degrees during the day right now. But I know, as well as y’all do, that the more activity I can get in, the healthier I will be. It also helps calm my overactive brain, helps me focus and sleep better, and relieves stress better than anything else!

So what kind of exercise are you into? What keeps you the most motivated to move?


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What I’m Reading This Month

Hold You Against Me, Skye Warren, erotic romanceHold You Against Me by Skye Warren

Ah, the author who makes me like First Person Perspective.  🙂 I’m really not a first person reader, but I read one of Skye’s books for a book club and I’ve been hooked ever since. Her books are sexy, edgy, and make you holler “Oh, no he didn’t!”.  Dark, but exciting enough to make you gasp. Not for the faint of heart.

What I’m Writing This Month

Expecting his Secret Heir, Mill Town Millionaires, Harlequin Desire, Dani Wade, PassionThis month has been a hodge podge of administrative tasks (I’m getting ready for EXPECTING HIS SECRET HEIR’s release in September, plus the start of a promotional push for my Backstage Pass books the same month.), finishing up the draft of my first Savannah novella, editing REINING IN THE BILLIONAIRE, and writing on REIN’s sequel (currently untitled). So yeah…a little of this…a little of that…


2 thoughts on “A Year of…Movement

  1. Just bought a weighted hula hoop. What was I thinking. I can’t hula hoop. I will be trying at least 10 minutes a day to get it going. Low impact and with fibro it helps.

  2. It has been very interesting to work with mine! I’m already finding that my karate classes are much easier, even after only a week. But I still can’t figure out what to do with my arms. 🙂 Good luck, Martha!

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