My Sexy Saturday: BEHIND THE SCARS

Love letters don’t have to be words on the page… The heroine of my newest release, BEHIND THE SCARS, is a sculptor. And what she shows the hero on a page goes far beyond words to the soul-deep scars that they both hide.

Behind the Scars, Dani Wade, sexy romantic suspense, small town secrets series, southern romance

“Can I show you something?” she asked.

Daire’s heartbeat kicked up a notch. This wasn’t a casual question. Her tentative tone spoke volumes about the importance of what she was asking. Was he ready for whatever it was? “Sure.”

Kate didn’t move for a minute, then ducked her chin and walked back to the center table. Her hand rested on the oversized drawing pad there, the tablet Daire thought had gone unused since she’d been here. Had he been wrong?

Gingerly, tentatively, she slid her thumb beneath the cover then lifted it open. For a moment Daire didn’t look down, but instead studied her face for hints about what he would see. Her almost impassive features told him just how important this was to her, along with the utter stillness of her body. She waited for his judgment. His opinion.

He let his gaze fall, startled to see his own face staring up at him. For some reason, it had never occurred to him that Kate would sketch him. It should have, but it didn’t. Multiple pictures of his face filled the page, some from different angles, some half finished.

She turned another page over, showing him the next set of drawings. His body from the front, with the head, without it. Him crouching. Him braced. His back—

There his breath caught, because the details were missing. He wasn’t sure what his back looked like now, other than cursory glances over his shoulder into a mirror—he almost didn’t want to know. He’d distanced himself from that part of his body in a way that was probably unhealthy, but necessary for now. But as he saw the lack of anything but an outline, he had the sudden urge to trace the space with his fingertip. To explore the page to see if it were true—that he could return to the time when the scars didn’t exist. Even though he knew it would never be an option.

“Would you model for me?”

BEHIND THE SCARS, Small Town Secrets Book 2, is available now on Amazon for only 99 cents for a limited time!

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Everyone in a small town has secrets, but Kate McIntyre’s have followed her home.

When a student’s admiration for her takes a dark turn, Kate turns to a hometown hero for help and protection. Ex-Green Beret Daire Rousseau knows the face of evil all too well–and he’ll do anything to keep it from this pretty redhead. Can they trust each other to look behind the scars that define them?

Kate McIntyre, college art teacher and sculptor, holds people at a distance. That’s how she copes with her internal and external scars, after a car wreck that left her fighting for her life. Art is her only outlet for sensuality–until Daire returns to Cadence, TN.

She’s shocked by how much she wants the sexy, silent veteran, and crushed when after one drunken embrace, he pushes her away. But when she realizes she has a stalker, Daire is the man she wants at her side.

Daire Rousseau may have been born to wealth, but he grew up a loner, shuffled off to boarding schools after his mother’s death. He joined the Army to prove he was more a man than his father, and found a close-knit band of brothers. But after being captured and tortured by the enemy, he’s fighting a new war–battling to get back to the man he was. And afraid his scars will never let him forget. Convinced his battered body and psyche will repulse an innocent beauty like Kate, he pushes her away. Until the only way to keep her safe is to stay by her side day and night.

Come back to Cadence, TN–where secrets can be deadly. Get your copy of BEHIND THE SCARS today!

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