Wednesday Writer: Linda Winstead Jones

Who’s ready for some hot, intense battles between humans and immortals? I know I am! I’ve been waiting on this Blood Born book for a while and it’s finally here. This is an author I greatly respect – and as a plus, her books are rich, deep, and magical. If you’re a fan of paranormal romance, you’ll love WARRIOR RISING!

Linda Winstead Jones, Warrior Rising, Blood Born series, romance author, Wednesday Writer

The first blood has spilled….

For centuries, humans had no idea of the world beyond their mortal knowledge. A world of vampires, witches, Immortal Warriors, and more. And now a vampire has plotted to become queen and put all humans under her dominion.

Sorin has been at the queen-to-be’s right hand for decades. He’s killed, plotted, and planned for his own rise to power. But when he’s ordered to kill a child, suddenly all of his humanity comes rushing back and he pledges allegiance to the rebel forces.

There an Immortal Warrior named Indikaiya watches him with distrust. She is drawn to this man with a dark soul and such a slight glimmer of honor that it’s nearly extinguished. She sees the strength of his will as he goes up against his former allies, the intensity he brings to each fight, and the passion he offers to her.

As the humans, vampires, and warriors brace for the final battle, it seems clear that not all may survive. And all will be changed. By blood… and by death…

Available on NOOK and AMAZON

Find out more about Linda and links to other online retailers HERE.


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