Wednesday Writer: Jinni James

Today I’m featuring a cool author friend who happens to be from good ol’ Alabama, just like me! Please welcome Jinni James! I’m featuring her newest release, BUSINESS AND PLEASURE, which is available now. Isn’t this a beautiful cover?

Business and Pleasure, author Jinni James, romance author, Wednesday Writer, Dani Wade

Jinni, you’ve focused on a heroine that is obviously determined and professionally successful. What led you to developing this type of smart, successful heroine and how do her successes complicate her relationship with the hero?

This is such a great question! I’ve read many books where the female of the story is struggling or has a job that just pays the bills. Then she meets a man who is very well off that basically saves her from her struggling life. He starts to take care of her and it all sounds good but it got me thinking, what if the heroine in the story didn’t need saving?

So I wanted to write a story with a level playing field. My heroine Elizabeth Hamilton has her own company as well as her parents company so she’s set as far as money is concerned. The hero of this story is Alexander Preston; he owns his own publishing empire so he’s set as well. Neither needs anything other than each other.

This tends to complicate things at first because Alexander comes in wanting to acquire Elizabeth’s little publishing company. He quickly finds out that Elizabeth won’t give up without a fight. Later on in the story you can tell that Elizabeth isn’t used to having someone “take care” of her. She’s an independent woman and she struggles slightly to let go of that. But our hero can be quite persuasive.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing a story with two strong, independent, characters that I still run through their paces. Nobody gets a happily ever after in the beginning, right?

Thanks for having me on your blog today! I hope everyone who downloads BUSINESS AND PLEASURE enjoys it as much as I did writing it!


Elizabeth Hamilton is a smart and successful business woman with not one business but two. After the death of her parents, she takes over their company Neo Corp then starts one of her own right out of college. A publishing company that Alexander Preston and his associate Rachel would love to get their hands on. Unfortunately, Elizabeth isn’t in the market to sell.

Elizabeth fights the spark between her and Alex but quickly realizes there’s no fighting with chemistry. She battles with the internal struggle between her desire for this man and the passion for her company. 

Hidden secrets are unearthed. Betrayal and loss run deep. Fighting for what she believes in, as well as her companies, may just cost her the ultimate price.

Could Elizabeth end up with nothing or everything she could have ever hoped for?

Check out this sexy, powerplay book here: Amazon

And find out more about author Jinni James on her website or Facebook.


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