Wednesday Writer: Ella Sheridan

Today’s Wednesday Writer is near and dear to my heart…literally. My sis, Ella Sheridan, is an incredible author, and I get the privilege of reading her new books before anyone else! (There’s gotta be perks for this gig, right?) Her newest release is not to be missed…I read it in a day (and I don’t have a lot of time in my days), but I simply couldn’t put it down! You won’t be able to either…I promise!!!

Question: ONLY FOR THE WEEKEND has a heroine who is trying to break out of her shell-a character trait I also adore. What made you decide to send her to Vegas?

“I think it really was that whole ‘what happens in Vegas’ thing. Yes, we can experience extraordinary things in our everyday lives — that’s what romance novels are often about, right? — but there’s something about getting out of our own space and time that’s liberating. I wanted Jane to feel liberated. I wanted her to take a leap and do something really crazy, something that doesn’t fit with her everyday life as a librarian. And I wanted to reward her for taking that chance.” ~ Ella Sheridan

only for the weekend, ella sheridan, erotic romance, bdsm romance


Jane Jacobs is ready for a change. She’s determined that a history of lackluster relationships and even more lackluster pleasure will end this weekend, when she meets the Dom her best friend has set her up with. Exploring dominance and submission with her blind “date” could answer all her questions—and help her forget the one man she wants to master her.

With his band on hiatus, Vincent O’Connell grabs the chance to visit his sister in Las Vegas, but she wants a favor more than a family reunion. V.’s not above indulging himself with a willing sub, but when he realizes the sub is his sister’s best friend, Jane, all his instincts scream at him to back out—and fast.

V knows Jane; she’s young, pretty, sweet. Definitely sub material—for someone else. But one look at her on her knees and all the reasons to avoid her disappear. She needs a Dom to guide her, and he needs to indulge himself with just a taste. After all, it’s only for the weekend.

ONLY FOR THE WEEKEND is available NOW on Amazon for only 99cents–a great price to try Ella’s books if you’ve never read one before (what are you waiting for????). Buy it now.


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