Thursday Take Two: The Author Biz

Recently my sister, Ella Sheridan, turned me on to a podcast featuring authors from all kinds of genres, talking about all kinds of things: what they’re processes are, their thoughts on promotion and author outreach, what they are doing to build their author business.

the author biz, podcast, stephen campbell, author help

This podcast is called The Author Biz and is created by author Stephen Campbell, who writes mysteries. I’ve always been fascinated by the way other authors write and develop their creative processes. In this podcast I get to hear about all kinds of authors–non-fiction, horror, mystery and suspense, romance, cozy mysteries, sci-fi, and more.

And I also learn about what things are working for them in the business side of things, what isn’t working, and how they approach their interactions with readers. And its all done in an entertaining way! Campbell asks interesting questions and simply interacts naturally with his fellow authors, unlike a stiff business interview.

(I’ll let you in on my secret: This is one of the things getting me through the day job these days…)

I hope you’ll check out both the podcast and Campbell’s website! You can also subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.




One thought on “Thursday Take Two: The Author Biz

  1. Hey Dani – Thanks so very much for the shoutout! I’m thrilled that you’re finding value with the show and I hope you’ll be able to escape the day job soon.

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