Show Me a Sign

Recently during a conversation with a friend, we were discussing spirituality and writing. The past year has been challenging for me. Especially as a mom, I’ve had a hard time evaluating whether pursuing my dream of being a published author is worth the time it takes away from my family. This has been my true struggle this year. There’s no point in hiding it, because, hey, we all have doubts, right?

journey, writers journey, signs

My friend challenged me to ask for a sign, a definitive sign that told me what direction I should be going.

Now, some of you may not believe in signs. That’s OK. But I do. I haven’t gotten them often, but I’ve learned that sometimes there can be small things along the way that point us in a particular direction, or big things, big signs that emblazon it across our consciousness.

Only it never occurred to me to ask God for a sign about my writing.  But with great trepidation and not a lot of hope, I did. Weeks went by, and I thought of that conversation often. There were many things about it that made me think, but occasionally I’d wonder, what happened to my sign?

writers journey, signs, intersection

Then the other day, I realized that for over a month, I had been surrounded by blogs and articles and Facebook posts about the joy of persevering with your writing. Positive posts about staying the course, and “this can happen to you”, and examples of perseverance leading to success (instead of simply overnight success).

A few sources including The Author Biz podcast, The Creative Penn podcast, Kristen Lamb’s blog, The Positive Writer blog.

Not that I hadn’t seen the occasional positive post before, but there can be a lot of negativity amongst authors right now. There are some who are skyrocketing to success, and the rest of us in the trenches wondering why isn’t that happening to more of us. But this was a constant bombardment of positive messages, and I suddenly realized, this was a sign.

It doesn’t mean the struggle doesn’t continue, because I think all moms worry about the balance thing and whether we are giving enough to our families. But it has been encouraging and reinvigorating. And hopefully allows me to pass encouragement on to other writer moms!

What about you? When was the last time you asked for a sign? I’d love to hear about it.



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