Wednesday Writer: Kimberly Lang

Welcome to Wednesday Writer! I love sharing books I enjoy, and the writers who work so hard to bring them to life. This week I have yet another of my Writing Playground sisters, Kimberly Lang! (Boy, we are releasing books like gangbusters!) Kimberly has a prequel novella coming out for her awesome Magnolia Beach series. Check out what she has to say about the settings of these books:

First of all, thanks. I love Magnolia Beach and I’m glad it’s resonating with people.

I love small towns because place often operates as an additional character in a story. Towns have personality, and that personality affects the people in it.  A small town lacks the hustle and bustle of a city, so the people there will be more laid-back.

Small towns can also be very insular at times, with history and continuity playing a role in how the people think and act. In a way, a small town almost takes on the feel of a really big family — everyone knows everyone else and their stories, and while they may not like everyone, the connection is still there and you have no choice but to get along somehow because you’ll see them all the time.  Those types of connections fascinate me.

Add in a southerner’s tendency to revel in the traditions (and even the stereotypes) that make us southern and parts of the story will write themselves. I’m actually a suburban girl, not small town, but because I am southern, much of that is already a part of me, making it feel very natural and making the Magnolia Beach stories great fun for me to write.

You’ll love the people and town of Magnolia Beach! A prequel novella, ONE LITTLE THING, is up for pre-order now! While you’re waiting, you can check out Book 1, SOMETHING TO PROVE, already on sale.


One Little Thing, Kimberly Lang, series romance, Magnolia Beach series

The USA Today bestselling author of Something to Prove presents a charming novella set in the small Alabama waterfront town of Magnolia Beach, where new love is challenged by long-buried secrets…

Even though her family moved away in disgrace after her father’s affair, Sophie Cooper knows that her childhood home in Magnolia Beach is the right place to open her bed and breakfast on the water—especially if it means she can watch the handsome local walk his dog on the beach every morning…

Quinn Haslett’s greatest regret has always been exposing the affair between Sophie Cooper’s father and their high school physics teacher—not that she ever knew who spilled the beans. When he sees Sophie again, the guilt comes rushing back, but it doesn’t stop him from wanting to see if the sparks flying between them could lead to something more.

But with a such a big secret lying in wait, it’s only a matter of time before their newly ignited relationship goes up in smoke… 




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