Band Mommy Woes

I absolutely love everything that being in the school band has done for my daughter through these last few years. In middle school, it gave her a place and group of friends to belong. It gave her a reason to look forward to school every day, even though the rest of those days were challenging.

trumpets, marching band, band mom
Used per WikiCommons: Miskaton

I love it so much, I encouraged my son to join now that he’s entered middle school himself. He’s embraced it just as well as she did. The only thing I don’t love? Marching Band Season. (I shouldn’t be surprised, since this is my social butterfly’s new favorite time of year.)

My daughter is now in the high school band, which means fall is a crazy season around here. For those of you who don’t have kids involved in sports, marching band has practice 3 nights a week, a game every Friday, and for October, a competition every Saturday. This is a schedule I know a lot of sports moms can relate to.

marching band, band mom
Used per WikiCommons: Jay Hoes

But it’s not like it was when she was little. I can’t go sit at practice and write while I wait. I have a middle schooler who isn’t old enough to be left alone, with his own activities and homework. AND NEITHER OF THEM DRIVE!

You know, it’s not really the extra load it adds, but more the chaos it creates that I struggle with…

I keep telling myself its just a month more and next year she’ll be driving. Until then, me and my little car will burn up the roads between our house and the school at all hours of the afternoon and late nights after games, dreaming of uninterrupted meals and writing sessions…

What was your least favorite “kid taxi” duty?




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