News (Or Fun Stuff, in author speak)

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. No, nothing glamorous has happened since the last time I posted. 🙂 Just life…

Most author’s lives are far from glam. The reality of getting out a new book is BICHOK (writer speak for Butt In Chair, Hands on Keyboard). Totally boring to the outside observer, really.

But we do get to do fun things sometimes. Like talk about our books, brainstorm ours or another author’s story, search for character photos or cover art or attend events where we meet awesome readers like y’all!!! (still doesn’t sound very glamorous, I know, but it’s fun…)

I’ll be appearing at one such event next weekend! Rocket City Lit Fest is the inaugural literary festival near my hometown and will feature all kinds of authors and fun stuff! If you are within driving distance, check it out. If you can’t attend, I’ll be sure to share about it here on the blog.


Something else fun came up this past weekend-at least, it’s author fun.  🙂 I was able to go on a mini-writing retreat with my twin, Ella Sheridan.

writing retreat, author fun, BICHOK
Love a view of nature!

Nothing but words, nature walks, and talking books (oh, and sleeping!)-an author’s idea of heaven.

The view from my writing chair.
The view from my writing chair.


How tranquil does this look?
How tranquil does this look?

What fun thing have you experienced lately? Is there an event coming up that you’re looking forward to?? I’d love to hear about it!



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