#amediting-Mill Town #3

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Yep, I’m in the final stages of my personal edits for Luke and Avery’s book (Mill Town Millionaires Book 3). It’s taken a bit longer than expected. When I went to turn it in, I realized I was about 5000 words over word count.  O.O Per Awesome Editor’s instructions, I’m working to cut several thousand out now, then we will cut more during Editor Revisions.

What are Personal Edits, you ask. Well, my drafts are never very clean, so I edit them once before they go to Awesome Editor in the first place. Then I go through it again when he sends me his notes (I call this Editor Revisions). Then there are Line Edits. And then–once more after the copy editor is finished.

Oh my! It gets tedious, but I do my best work in revisions (and both my editors are awesome when giving directions!), so I endure so the story turns out the best it possibly can.

So there’s where I am this week.  🙂 Pray for me–I may need it!



One thought on “#amediting-Mill Town #3

  1. Hi Dani, when I first read that you were cutting text, I thought, oh nooooooo…then I read the post in its entirety, and thought, ok, she’s fine tuning said book rather than cutting part’s out.
    Best wishes with the process, J

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