Revisions and Stage Fright

So, I’m in the middle of revisions on Nate’s book, Goin’ Out Solo, and I’ve realized something…

No matter how many books I write, during revisions I’m utterly convinced that this book will be the one to end my career.  🙂 It will never be interesting enough, cool enough, or sexy enough. No one will be as interested in it as I am. This is the psyche of an author. I find these fears plaguing me all the time-when I read other authors’ work, when I discuss my work with others, when I think about putting myself out there again…it’s like a version of Stage Fright.

I’ve always had great reviews and readers who love my characters, so this worry is crazy, I know. I guess I just love them so much, I want to see them do well in the world. More than likely, its just my own insecurities projecting onto my work.  😉

Where do you most run into Stage Fright in your life?



3 thoughts on “Revisions and Stage Fright

  1. Stage fright – for me, it’s talking to a group of people – I’m much better with a small group (read maximum 3).
    I was also nearly frozen from anxiety on my first trip to the States, only 2 years ago – flew into Dallas, it was a 15 hr flight – and I couldn’t get a grip on the accent – arrggg, I laugh now, but then, shish, I think airport security thought I was a bit thick.

  2. Oh my! Jane, that would be frightening. 🙂 I remember when I went to Scotland, it took me a bit to acclimate myself to the accents.

  3. I get stage fright in my college classes because the professors keep making us give presentations in front of the class and when having to discuss what is going on in my department at work. I get so nervous talking in front of groups.

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