Book Boyfriends Cafe: Hot for Friday

This week I’m participating in Book Boyfriends Cafe’s Hot for Friday! Today I’m sharing a Hot and Bothered excerpt from one of my Book Boyfriends with you today! Here’s Colin from Beneath the Surface at one of my favorite times he was Hot and Bothered:

Beneath the Surface, Dani Wade, Small Town Secrets

The door to the bathroom swung open, and Emma stood posed in the frame, one arm draped up over her head along the wood, the other resting on her cocked hip. It would have been innocent enough if she hadn’t been wearing the short skirt and button-down shirt they’d picked up at the emporium. Colin pressed Play on the remote control before all the blood rushed from his head and left him stupid.

One step and he was in serious trouble.

Not only did she look different, she walked differently. As if someone had dialed up the sensuality level on her movements. Normally she had a slight sway to her hips that flowed down her legs, creating a womanly swing that sent him humming. Now she strutted, exaggerating her hips with an almost twist that accentuated the toned muscles of her bare legs.

And the heels. Oh. My. God. What they did to her walk.

He almost asked her to turn around so he could see what they did for her ass, but figured he didn’t want his head to explode…yet.

Heat crept up his spine, and his heartbeat went into overdrive. As his gaze slid up over her incredible assets, he met her hooded gaze. The breath stopped in his throat.

It was the same look she’d had while they were having sex. His body responded to the instant flash of memories. Lips open as if they were panting, eyes mysterious and heavy-lidded. She stared straight at him as she advanced to the beat of the music, not looking away or over him as he’d expected her to.

She walked straight to the chair opposite him and swung a leg out to straddle it, facing away. The remote dropped to the floor at the flash of the curve of her ass cheek and the garter holding up her sheer stockings.

He bit his lip to keep from groaning. His only wish was that she’d sat on him instead.

Her body moved and twisted to the sensuous rhythm of the music, her hips gliding back and forth as if she pleasured herself on the chair. Breath bellowed through Colin’s chest.

Holy shit. This woman had no need for training. Two seconds and she had him ready to shoot his load without even a touch. He didn’t look away from the movement on the lower half of her body, begging in his mind for the skirt to rise enough to give him another glimpse of her ass. It didn’t until she stood, swinging herself around to face him in one fluid movement.


Too many secrets…

Hidden in a quiet town along the Tennessee border, a secret gathering exists where the privileged fulfill their darkest desires. One of their members initiates a desperate act designed to bring home his lifelong obsession: Emma Hartwell.

A past not forgotten…

Drawn back to her hometown by the psychic connection with her twin sister, Emma must fight the stubborn silence of those around her in her quest to find her missing sister. Colin McIntyre hopes to make up for his past mistakes with Emma by helping her, but his own ties to the Gathering might be exposed along the way.

Time is running out…

Exposure could be dangerous for his family, along with himself and Emma. Can they fight the secrets and lies to rescue Emma’s sister… and their own chance at life-long love?

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BENEATH THE SURFACE is available at Amazon and B&N.


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