Musical Blast from the Past

Music provides a large amount of inspiration for me. I listen to music a lot, and often wake up with a song playing in my head. (I just hope it’s one that doesn’t annoy me. Nothing worse than a bad ear worm!)

Every one of my books has a theme song or playlist. I use them to zero in on a particular character’s motivation or state of mind. Music also sets the mood for certain scenes or conversations.

Nate & Sara, Backstage Pass Book 4, sexy couple

Recently I ran into a snag with Nate’s book (Backstage Pass Book 4) and realized that the heroine, Sara, didn’t have her own song. So I started going through my music. Usually, I’ll run across something that will just click, and I know it’s right.

But nothing came up for Sara. Then one morning, I woke up with a song running through my head – one I hadn’t heard in many years, but I instantly knew it was Sara’s theme.
Love this! Not slow or sad. Even though Sara’s past has granted her the right to be those things, she chooses to focus on the present. Working hard and enjoying life – preferably with the man who has treated her like a little sister for years. Here’s hoping she gets him for an eternity, not just the weekend that he’s offering.

What’s your favorite “old school” song?



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