My Sexy Saturday: The Blackstone Heir


Mill Town Millionaires, Billionaires and Babies, Blackstone Heir, Dani WadeTo me, there’s nothing sexier than a man in pursuit of a woman. Jake has been craving KC for over a year. Now she’s right in front of him, and he can’t wait for another taste!

I hope you enjoy this My Sexy Saturday excerpt from THE BLACKSTONE HEIR, Mill Town Millionaires Book 2.


“Excuse me, guys.” Leaving his brothers staring after him, he made his way around tables to cross the room. They’d been in their corner for an hour while KC tended bar and she hadn’t looked directly at him a single time. Every second without that connection had itched below his skin until he couldn’t even concentrate on the conversation. He’d deliberately kept their relationship out of the local headlines, but Jacob was desperate enough to risk a little limelight right now.

Oh boy. His attitude made him very afraid he might step into stalker mode now that the possibility of seeing her around was very, very real. Some days, thoughts of KC had made him feel as if he was losing his mind.
He braced himself for KC’s special brand of sarcasm. Something that had been noticeably lacking this morning.

“Jake. What brings you in tonight?”

You. Jacob ground his teeth together. Not because the shortening of his name bothered him, but because hearing it said in KC Gatlin’s husky voice reminded him of evenings being soothed by her presence after an upsetting day with his mom. Reminded him of long nights between the sheets. Far too distant memories.

“Do I need a reason? Can’t I just enjoy the opportunity to watch a beautiful woman work the crowd?”

For the better part of a year, such a simple comment would have had her eyes sparkling, those full, naturally red lips tilting into a luscious smile, her mouth ready and willing to talk back. But not tonight.

“You never came to watch me before,” she said, then dropped her gaze to the bar and started scrubbing, leaving him bereft once more. So, she wasn’t gonna make this easy.

Available for pre-order on Amazon, B&N, and On the virtual shelves February 1st!


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