The Countdown is Underway

…and I’m feeling the pinch!

Releasing a new book is always nerve-wracking, simply because perfect strangers are now reading the part of you that you put down on (virtual) paper. But there’s also a lot of “things” that need to be done to make it happen. And did I mention that it’s the Thanksgiving holiday this week in the US? And I have family coming to stay… All of this combined leads to me looking like this:

Dani Wade, frazzled female, overwhelmed, busy woman, working mom


But regardless of whether it all gets done, BENEATH THE SURFACE will be live on Sunday, Nov. 30th! I’ve got a lot of cool things planned, including some guest posts that you’ll find out about here on the blog. For the first time, I’ll be hostessing a big Release Day party on Facebook from 4 to 7pm with some fellow authors! Lots of giveaways and fun, fun stuff. You won’t want to miss it, so friend my profile here to receive an invite.

Hopefully the next time you see me, my hair will be less crazy…



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