My Sexy Saturday-Settling the Score

This week’s My Sexy Saturday features a Sexy Halloween. All the spooky, scary stuff that can happen to disrupt our characters’ lives. Halloween doesn’t appear in any of my books, but the hero and heroine in my second Backstage Pass book face a very scary villain—a man who has spent most of his life in a mental institution and has a big ol’ axe to grind.

Settling the Score, Backstage Pass, rock star romance, Dani Wade, sexy romantic suspense

Here are Daniel and Becca of SETTLING THE SCORE facing the aftermath of some of his crazy:

Finally the fireman spoke, his tone hushed despite the chaos of the scene before them. “I’m just speculating at the moment. They’ll know more once everything dies down and it’s inspected. But looks like the fire started along the wall separating the studio and the wide hallway before you came to the kitchen.”

“How extensive is the damage?” Daniel asked. The husky tone of his voice made her wince inside. She ached to go to him, wrap her arms around him and hold on tight, but she was afraid. So many people were around; what if Daniel rejected her? After all, even Michael was watching him with a wary eye.

“Some of the items on the top floor might be salvageable. But it will all be smoke and water damaged. Basically you’ll have to tear it down and start over. The room was just too integral to the rest of the house. So even though it wasn’t totally destroyed either, there’s just too much of a mess.”

Oh, Daniel. All his memorabilia, his guitars and equipment, pictures, even his clothes. How much would they be able to save?

Unable to hold back any longer, Becca slipped up to his side like a ghost. Her arms fit perfectly around him, and she held on tight. The men continued to talk, but she didn’t hear a word. She could only concentrate on the feel of Daniel’s arm as it slipped around her, rubbing up and down her back. His musky scent edging out the sting of smoke. Just who was comforting whom?

Finally the fireman headed back to the truck, leaving Becca standing alone with the brothers. Michael glanced at them. “Why don’t we head out to the house? Y’all can get cleaned up. Eat. The insurance adjuster can get in touch with you. How about it?”

For long moments Daniel continued to stare at the house; then he looked down at her, revealing the pain darkening his baby blues. For once he didn’t even glance at his brother. “I’ll be at Becca’s if you need me,” he said, then led her back to the car.

 SU Solo png


Daniel Korvello isn’t your average Joe with a case of unrequited lust. He’s a rock star front man who wonders if his publicist will ever see him as anything other than a job. Then they team up to hunt down a threat to Daniel’s family…and he seizes the chance to show her he’s up for more than just a one night stand.

Becca Buchanan already lived through one rock-star scandal with her reputation barely intact. She’s determined never to put herself, or her family, through that again. Only she can’t deny the desire she feels for Daniel. When he exposes the molten heat beneath her Ice Maiden exterior, she may never be able to freeze him out again.

Then their amateur investigation takes a dangerous turn that threatens the lives of those they both love. Can their newfound trust extend past the bedroom? Can Daniel let go of his guilt enough to embrace a future with Becca?


SETTLING THE SCORE (and the other Backstage Pass books) are available at Amazon, B&N, and other online retailers.

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