Stirring Creativity Through Travel

Last week, my mother, sisters, niece, and daughter hit the road! We left the boys behind and enjoying a girls’ only trip to historic Savannah, GA.

Savannah 5Savannah 1

Savannah is a city of old Southern values, quirky traditions, modern entertainment, and beautiful views. Visiting it has a similar feel to some of the cities I saw in Ireland, where forests and water happily coincide. But the sheer spirit of the city seemed peaceful and quiet to me, even with all the people (and dogs) there.

Savannah 3

With every trip I take, I find myself facing a dichotomy within myself. You see, I’m a full blown introvert. I enjoy people in small doses, because prolonged exposure seriously wipes out my energy levels. At the same time, I love to travel, see new places, and meet new people.

Savannah 6

As a creative soul, I enjoy absorbing the atmosphere, the colors and traditions of different places. Its one of the things that “refills my well”.  I think I also love it, because it also breaks me out of my daily grind. I forget all the bathrooms I have to clean, all the mindless typing for my day job, and ‘extras’ that come along with a job as an author. New places and sights clear my mind and spark my imagination.  So, though I can’t indulge as often as I’d like, travel is definitely one of my favorite pastimes.

Savannah 2

Where is your favorite place to visit? I’d love to have new cities to explore!


FYI: Tune in next week for a special edition of ‘Funny Signs of Savannah’, a co-blog with author Ella Sheridan!


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