NGWN Teacher’s Pet Blog Hop

September brings cooler weather (hopefully), a change of colors, and kiddios heading back to school, which inspired a pretty sweet blog hop for this month’s Nice Girls Writing Naughty event.  All the cool authors from NGWN will be posting one of their yummy heroes as their Teacher’s Pet and some juicy tidbits of what they might have been like in school.

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So where’s the reader fun?  Well, for one – a chance at a $50 gift certificate from Amazon.  Just check out the post HERE for all the juicy details.  And I promise it will be fun!

Oh, and did I mention that each author will be giving away of pretty cool prize on their blogs? Mine will be a free ecopies of the first 2 books of my Backstage Pass series, Finding Her Rhythm and Settling the Score.  Just comment below with your name and an email addy so I can contact you if you win. Anyone who also signs up for my author newsletter (see sidebar) will get an additional entry!

Now that I got the contest stuff taken care of…lets bring on Dani’s Pet.

Teacher's Pet, Blog Hop, Small Town Secrets series, Dani Wade, romanceColin McIntyre is the hero for the first novel in my upcoming Small Town Secrets series, set in the rural Tennessee town of Caldwell. Secrets abound there. Everyone has something to hide.

Hidden in a quiet town along the Tennessee border, a secret gathering exists where the privileged fulfill their darkest desires. One of their members initiates a desperate act designed to bring home his lifelong obsession: Emma Hartwell. Drawn back to her hometown by the psychic connection with her twin, Emma must fight the stubborn silence of those around her in her quest to find her kidnapped sister.

Colin McIntyre hopes to make up for his past mistakes with Emma by helping her, but his own ties to the Gathering are exposed along the way. Can they fight the secrets and lies to rescue Emma’s sister… and their own chance at life-long love?




5 Fast Facts:

~ When I graduated high school I was voted the most likely to…?

Never leave town. Even then, all my friends knew my family was here, my family’s pub Bailey’s was also here, and it would take a miracle to move me. Which made me an easy target for the local secret-keepers when my dad died…

~I spent my prom night…?

Holding my dates hair back while she vomited. True story. I think someone spiked the punch and Sissie was not the type to hold liquor well. I cleaned her up as best I could and took her home to her mother without telling a soul. I just couldn’t embarrass her in front of everyone.

~I was the…president of the … or captain of the….team?

Honestly, none of the above. I worked at Bailey’s after school and on weekends, though my parents were lenient enough to give me the go-ahead to spend time with my friends and just hang out. But between the job and helping watch out for my younger sisters, there wasn’t time to commit to something as demanding as sports.

~Growing up I wanted to be…?

A man my father could be proud of. Sure, I went through phases of wanting to be the next professional football star or a doctor or an astronaut. But my family is really close, and I couldn’t imagine leaving them behind. Especially after my father died. After all, who was going to keep my 3 younger sisters out of trouble?

~In college my crush was…?

Any girl who didn’t remind me of my high school crush. Emma Hartwell had been bad news-coming from a rough family on the wrong side of town. I wanted her, even though I knew my family wouldn’t approve. But the one time she needed me, I let her down. How could I face her after something like that?


What to know more about release dates for Colin’s upcoming book, Beneath the Surface? Sign up for my author newsletter, full of goodies, news, winners, and fun stuff. Just for joining, you will receive a free copy of my novella Snow Bound! The first taste of my Small Town Secrets series!

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Check out the other Nice Girls Writing Naughty and their prizes here! There’s lots of sexy to be had! Thanks for dropping by!


Who’s been your favorite Teacher’s Pet so far???



6 thoughts on “NGWN Teacher’s Pet Blog Hop

  1. Thanks for sharing Colin with us…all the pets are yummy, but I got to go with Dre’s sultry eyes.

  2. Thanks for sharing about Colin with us!! I love his eyes!! *sigh* And all the guys are yummy,… it’s hard for me to pick just one lol!

    Oh & i’m already a subscriber to your newsletter. =)

    Take care & I hope you have a great weekend! =)
    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  3. Hard to pick just one but I guess so far I would go with Dre (Dakota’s) because he also comes with another sexy hero 🙂
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  4. Ooh! Great intro! Not sure I’ve got a favorite so far–too hard to choose just one 😉

    fedora at gmail dot com

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