My Sexy Saturday August

What makes someone feel sexy? How can someone embrace who they are and know they have something very important to give another person? Well, I know from experience, it isn’t easy. The same is true for my heroine, Christina, in A Bride’s Tangled Vows. Life has done a number on her, but she’s finding her worth-and making her new husband see it for himself!

a bride's tangled vows. dani wade. harlequin desire. contemporary romanceHe didn’t hear the footsteps until too late. He’d barely looked up before colliding with someone coming down the stairs. A soft someone who emitted a little squeal as she stumbled. Certain they’d fall, Aiden surged forward to keep from losing his balance. Christina tried to pull back, but her momentum worked against her. Hands flailed, finding purchase on his shoulders. Her front crushed to his. Their weight pressed dead against each other, stabilizing as two became one.

Everything froze for Aiden, as if his very cells locked down. He managed one strangled breath, filled with the fresh scent of her hair, before his body sprang to life. Her soft curves and sexy smell urged him to pull her closer, so much so that his fingers tightened against the rounded curves of her denim-covered hips. The soft flesh gave beneath his grip.

Darkness permeated the staircase, heightening the illusion of intimacy. His and Christina’s accelerated breaths were the only sound between them. They were so close, he felt the slight tremor that raced over her echo throughout his entire body. It took more minutes than Aiden cared to admit for his mind to kick into gear. “Dreamed up more ways to invade my territory, Christina?”

He felt her stiffen against his palms, tension replacing that delicious softness. Just as he’d intended.

Before he could regret anything, she retreated, stabilizing herself with a hand against the wall. “Aiden,” she said, prim disapproval not hiding a hint of breathlessness, “I’m sorry for not seeing you.”

I’m not.

“And for the record, I’m not invading anything. So I’d thank you to never call me by that stupid nickname.” Her voice came out low, intensifying the sense of intimacy. “I’m trying to help, Aiden. I really am.”

From A Bride’s Tangled Vows, Harlequin Desire:

The Term Limit Bride 

Wealthy art dealer Aiden Blackstone has successfully avoided two things: returning to the hometown that haunts him, and taking a wife. Now thanks to his controlling grandfather’s machinations he’s reluctantly ended up doing both. But Christina Reece quickly proves she’s no mere platonic bride of convenience. 

The only way she can make this marriage outlive their one-year agreement is if she can make her sexy husband open his heart and forget the demons of the past…before it’s too late. Because there’s an enemy on the horizon, threatening to take away all they hold dear, including their newfound passion.

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