A Real Life HEA

Every day, I work on stories of couples that forge over mountains and crawl out of valleys to find their Happily Ever Afters. Yes, there’s some fun and sex along the way, but these men and women end up working hard to stay together…forever.

HEA, Dani Wade, Happily Ever After, Real Life Romance, Anniversary

And every day, I live my own Happily Ever After. Its just as messy, hard, fun, and sexy as my books (at least I think so). I’m one of the lucky ones. My husband and I both have our faults, but this week we will celebrate 19 years of forever together, and the commitment we spoke to each other when we were barely more than kids still stands strong. For both of us.

My husband was a romantic young man, and he’s still as romantic, just in a different way. Then he brought me flowers, set up special dates, and said things to me that made me feel wonderful. Now he puts the kids to bed so I can have a few minutes to myself, learns all the ways he can help support me in my career as an author, and still says sweet, sexy things that make me feel wonderful. He spends his vacations keeping the kids so I can go to conferences. Does our laundry, and even occasionally washes dishes (even though he hates dishes).

So my hero may be killing dust bunnies rather than stalkers, but he’s still a hero! The hero for me!

Nineteen years ago, I wasn’t thinking about what our lives would look like in 20 years, but he has certainly stood the test of time!




*Photo used courtesy of WikiCommons


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