Release Day Dance Party! ~ Striking a Chord

There’s nothing an author enjoys more than celebrating a new release with readers. Except celebrating TWO new releases!

Today its Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun, and DOUBLE THE PRIZES! Because my twin, Ella Sheridan and I, have Double Releases. Today, Striking a Chord, Backstage Pass Book 3, hits the virtual shelves. Ella’s novella Just a Little More also releases today! So its time to PARTY!

In honor of sharing a release day (and a womb for 9 months!), we’re having a release day party and giveaway – a $30 gift card to Amazon or B&N PLUS copies of the first book in my Secrets series and Dani’s Backstage Pass series. We’re talking serious hottie goodness here, people! Be sure to check out the giveaway at the end of both our blogs. And remember, the more you participate – on my blog and Ella’s – the more entries you get to the giveaway.

* * *

Striking a Chord, Dani Wade, erotic romance, rockstar romance

Here’s a peek into Sean and Meghan’s story:

Success as a US rock star is payback to Irish drummer Sean Rosslair, whose father insisted music was a waste. Now Sean just needs to see the body to go with the smokin’ sexy voice of his new assistant, and his world will feel complete. But she ends up being the very woman he should never have.

Anxious to do a good deed, Meghan finally exposes her plus-size presence to her boss. Only he doesn’t react the way she expects—to her body or his brother. She takes her punishment for her white lie well—too well. Meghan can’t refrain from begging her boss for another spanking…but can she let go enough to embrace romance with a rockstar?

Can Sean teach Meghan his erotic secrets before a hidden enemy puts him out of commission—permanently?


Hot, hot, hot! And just in time for all that reading you’ll be doing this holiday weekend. Even better? Striking a Chord is only 99 cents through Monday! Grab your copy on Amazon.

Let’s get on with the DANCE PARTY! What better way to introduce a rock star’s book, huh? I’m sharing the songs that inspired me as I wrote Sean and Meghan’s story. When you’ve danced yourself silly and commented to enter the contest, run on over to Ella’s blog and party with some more awesome music.

* * *

Striking a Chord takes the Backstage Pass series international with its setting in Ireland. What could be sexier than being forced to stay in an old Manor house in the Irish countryside with a 100% Irish bad boy? Nothing that I know of…

Inspiration wasn’t in short supply—I plotted this book while on a trip to Ireland, Wales, and London. Everywhere I turned were castle ruins, stately manor houses, and some yummy, yummy eye candy! But once I was home, I really needed music to help the writing continue to flow.

I found the perfect soundtrack with an international flair in Goo Goo Dolls Magnetic. Sean is a whole hog rebel! He started doing his own thing in his teens and hasn’t looked back. Meghan’s more of a rebel-in-training, and Sean’s the perfect teacher.



One taste and he can’t get enough of her curvy body or intrepid spirit. He aches to teach her the key to setting her sensuality free.



Meghan grew up in an uber-religious community. A single fall from grace and now everyone is watching to see if her journey away from her home town leads her ‘down the path to sin’. Sean sees the pain in Meghan’s heart and aches to erase the wounds inflicted by others. As she embraces her true self, she sets aside judgment and lets her own wild side come alive. And her redemption just might show Sean a few things he’s never let himself see before.


I hope you’ll join me in celebrating my Irish drummer! What’s a celebration without prizes? Ella and I have a joint giveaway. To enter, simply leave a comment on both my blog and hers, telling us your favorite party song. Your comment enters you in the giveaway. A comment on both blogs enters you TWICE. Like me on FACEBOOK or SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER and get a THIRD entry.

Thank you so much for joining us for our Double Release Day! Its not really a party all by myself. But with friends? It’s Double the Fun!



Oh, 1 more thing—if you’ve never read mine or Ella’s books, I’ve got another great way for you to win! We have an interview today on Nice Girls Writing Naughty Readers Group where we’re talking twins, hotties, and of course, prizes! One lucky commenter will win the first books in BOTH the Secrets and Backstage Pass series. So check that out too!


6 thoughts on “Release Day Dance Party! ~ Striking a Chord

  1. The book sounds great! I’m gonna got get my copy as soon as i’m done typing! ❤

    And awesome music!! I love the Goo Goo Dolls so I listened to all the songs & was singing along lol. My favorite party song? Hmmm,… I like so much music cuz i'm a musicaholic lol,…. I like Let's Get It Started & I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas. Those songs always get me dancing lol.

    We are already friends on FB & I already subscribe to your newsletter also! ❤

    Take care & Happy Release Day! =)

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  2. Aw, thanks, Brandi! I’m so glad you could drop by today.

    Those Black Eyed Peas songs are great ones! Nice and upbeat to get everyone on the dance floor (or kids dancing in the car). 😉 Great choice.

  3. Congrats!! The blurb’s so great, I bought my copy before I even finished the blog. And, yeah, I’m a big Goo Goo Dolls fan, too. Party theme for me? Anything by Prince. Let’s say LIttle Red Corvette for tonight.

  4. HAHAHA! I will dance to all songs in the car! Especially 80’s music!!! I grew up with music,.. my dad & older brother were DJ’s, so I know soooooo much stuff lol.

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