Not Fast. Good.

I’ve gotten in a big rush lately.

It makes sense. My life is chaotic and my To Do List never ends. Sometimes you get in that mode of pushing through to the next task, desperate to simply have something completed. Checking things off a To Do List can be oddly addictive when the tasks seem neverending.

But I recently realized quantity doesn’t equal quality. Or rather, I was reminded.  🙂  I’d forgotten in the mad rush to “complete” things.

That frustrates me. As much as I want Daniel’s book on the virtual shelves, rushing to complete his book won’t result in a good book—a book I can be proud of. My most recent Harlequin, Book 2 in the Mill Town Millionaires series, took longer than I anticipated to finish. To do it (and Daniel’s book) justice, I have to put off releasing the next Backstage Pass book, Settling the Score, until later this Spring.

I’m trying to remember that my current chaotic state won’t last forever. I’d rather please my readers with a good story, rather than a quick read. (Hopefully my readers will agree.)

These are all decisions that have to be made as an Indie writer. Harlequin sets my deadlines for their books. And I know Awesome Editor would put me through another round of revisions if he wasn’t happy with the story. I can do no less for books of which I alone serve as author, publisher, and promoter.

But to make up for the wait, I want to give you a peek at the cover! My newsletter subscribers have already seen it, but they’re the only ones. I’m so thrilled with it! My cover artist, Elizabeth Wallace, has done a fantastic job. The cover echoes the opening scene of the book, when Daniel finally let’s go of years of control and shows Becca exactly what she’s been missing.
Settling The Score, Dani Wade, Backstage Pass series, sexy contemporary romance, rock star heroes, cover reveal

Pretty sexy, huh? I’ll be releasing an excerpt in a few weeks, again first in my newsletter, so be sure to sign up to catch the first sneak peek! And watch here and my FB/Twitter pages for first news on the rescheduled release date.


Takeaway: What’s one thing where you prefer to have quality over quickness?


One thought on “Not Fast. Good.

  1. Ooh, sexy! Love the new cover. And I applaud your tough choices. Keep up the good work!

    Um, should I really mention where I want quality over quickness? 😉 Let’s just say, some places it’s more important than others and leave it at that!

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