Are You a WIP?

There’s an interesting acronym in the writing world: WIP. This stands for Work In Progress and designates the current project in production. Whether its being plotted, drafted, revised, etc. It’s in the process of being perfected.

Something I’m coming to realize is that many areas of my life are WIPs. Obviously my children, who change almost daily. But also my writing career, my parenting skills, my marriage (even after 18 years)…everything is continually being tweaked and improved upon (hopefully).

So the next time life threatens to overwhelm you, remember you are a WIP, and cut yourself some very loving slack.  🙂  Pamper yourself, take a break, have a bit of fun and a night off. Then check back in tomorrow, and start refining again.




2 thoughts on “Are You a WIP?

  1. Thanks for this post, Dani! Sometimes it’s hard to remember that writing is one of those things that seems to get harder the more you learn. 😉

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