Diet Coke Addict

Hello. My name is Dani Wade, and I’m a coke addict – Diet Coke, that is.


There, I admit it. I have friends with more refined tastes, drinkers of hot tea or coffee. But my desires run closer to a burger compared to their prime rib.

I’ve tried to limit it, tried to go without…

But the minute I’m tired or down (or in the middle of a writing push), this is what I want.

diet coke 2

I know its bad for me. Full of chemicals. And causes all kinds of havoc on the sugar centers in my brain. But its what I want.

Maybe 1 day, Diet Coke and I will part ways. I’ll develop a new love that’s good for me and still gives me that rush of cold energy and delicious taste! But today is not that day…

Until then, Diet Coke lovers unite! Be productive! Be coherent! Be proud!

Takeaway: We all have our little vices, don’t we? What’s your (legal) addiction?


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