Bye Bye Blazer

Today is a sad one for our family. Our cat, Blaze, that we’ve had for the last sixteen years, had to be put to sleep today. This is an animal my kids have known all their lives. Hubby and I have taken care of for 16 years of our marriage. He’s associated with so many memories for us, and today we had to let him go home to be with his Mama and brothers. It will be the first time I can remember that there isn’t a cat in my life.

Blaze, Dani Wade, cat

He’s put up with crying babies, being carried by kids, the addition of dogs to our household (he never did forgive us for that), moving, and all manner of hoopla in the house (see above kids). But he survived it all with a personality that had me dubbing him Grumpy Grampy in more recent years. Yet all it took was one stroke of the hand and he’d purr like a, well, kitten. Always. We still love him. I hate to see him go.

If you have an animal in your life, please give them an extra treat from me.



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