Calendar Addiction

I have a slight calendar obsession. Okay, maybe not so slight…I love them more than any other office supply, because I use them every day. Wall calendars, desk calendars, planners—I’d have multiples if I had the money.

Wall Calendar, Dani Wade

Alas, I don’t have the pocketbook nor the wall space, so I must choose wisely. Here are a few criteria I use:

1. Colorful/Eye Catching
If I’m going to look at it all year, I want something pretty, cute, or smile-worthy.

2. Meaningful
On a related note, I (or my family) must care about the content. Yes, we have had Phineas and Ferb, frogs, Marvel Superheros, and Haunted Places calendars.
Last year my little bathroom calendar was chosen for its words (on top of pretty pictures). I’m obsessed with words (is that obvious?) and this one gave me a single one to contemplate with every glimpse.

Calendar, Dani Wade

3. Size
I use regular wall calendars for my Day Job office and our house calendar. A smaller size for my bathroom and home office. Where I’m really picky is my Day Planner. There has to be enough space for my big handwriting and overachieving lists.

Calendar, Day Planner, Dani Wade

4. Binding
This shows my pickiness reaching its extreme, but its limited to my Day Planner only. I must have a spiral bound. I want it to lay flat on the table, not have to fight with it the whole time.

Calendar, Day Planner, Dani Wade

So there’s just one of my quirky little obsessions explained. 🙂 Tell us, are you a calendar girl?



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