Christmas Ramblings

Only a week and a half until Christmas! I’m not panicking, because my shopping is done and most things have been wrapped. We have a tree and stockings inside, a few Christmas lights outside. I didn’t go all out this year, but we have enough up to make the house look festive and the kids seem satisfied. ‘

christmas cookies

Writing, not going as well. All the holiday parties and preparations have cut into my very limited writing time. This week I have vowed to leave the housework to the rest of the family, ignore any requests to prepare food, and limit my focus to my computer. Edits on my next Harlequin are due to Amazing Editor very soon, so this is top priority.

But in the midst of the chaos, I’m grateful for family around me, a few spare minutes alone with my husband, the wonder I still feel viewing Christmas lights, and anticipation at the joy on my children’s faces Christmas morning. That’s what’s underneath all the busyness, right?

I hope you are finding a small bit of wonder in your Christmas preparations too! Happy Holidays!



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