December is Here!

December is one of my favorite times of the year. I love Christmas decorations and seeing friends and family. There’s this feeling in the air that something special is about to happen.  I hope you get to enjoy some of the magic of this season too!

christmas trees

In addition to all the fun, I’ll also be hard at work. My next book for Harlequin has been accepted, and is ready for revisions! Yay! That book, the first in my Blackstone brothers trilogy, is set to release in August of 2014. And I’ve started the proposal for the second book. So much fun!

I haven’t forgotten my Backstage Pass books, and hope to be back to working on Daniel’s book soon. Sean’s rough draft is almost finished. More info about release dates coming in January! Speaking of magical things…Daniel Korvello, Michael’s brother in Finding Her Rhythm, will be making a special appearance in a new release this month. It’s not mine, but I’m as excited as if it were mine. Author Ella Sheridan’s Naughty Little Christmas, which releases on Christmas Eve from Loose Id, has Solar Uprising showing up for a performance. Daniel, of course, has to offer his advice on relationships, which if you remember from FHR, is always on the Naughty side.  🙂  I’ll be sure to post the link once it’s live!

Y’all may have noticed something a little different about my website. The blog is now my home page! To keep up with my news, I’ve started a newsletter, which is where I’ll be sending out information about upcoming releases, cool news, and hopefully some interesting stuff.  🙂  Check out the sign up in the side column!

In the meantime, I hope to enjoy a couple of days of fun with my family. I hope you do too! Happy Holidays!



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