September 2013 News

It’s September in the South, but the heat isn’t quite ready to let go of us yet! Still, for those of us in the US, it means the kids are back in school and football season is here. Its a busy time for my little band geek (Book Worm) and Little Man as they return to the rhythms of getting up early, studying, and homework.

Nearby Waterfall
Nearby Waterfall

August passed in a blur as I started, and finished, the rough draft of my next Harlequin Desire. But revisions will have to wait, because I’m off mid-month to visit the beautiful vistas of Ireland! Traveling with my besties and sis to see some of the places I’ve only read about–and plot Sean’s book while I’m there. He’s the sexy Irish drummer who will be featured as the hero in the third Backstage Pass novel.

Progress on Daniel’s book has been slow because of my Harlequin commitment, but I’m hoping to have a more definitive timeline soon! My upcoming trip will provide some much needed creative inspiration. Sometimes artists forget how important it is to refill the well from which we mine our ideas.

Drops Become Trickles

I was reminded of this (yes, I do need a reminder upside the head now & then) when I went with sis on a road trip to hear one of my favorite authors speak: Lexi Blake! Talk about a genuine, heartfelt woman! We listened, learned, and laughed the day away. It reminded me of Nationals, but not nearly as exhausting.  🙂

I still have a lot to learn about writing (and probably always will), and listening to any subject that interests me, viewing art, and allowing myself to just soak in knowledge is so refreshing. Heck, talking with other artists can do the same thing! My chaotic schedule doesn’t allow for it often enough, but I really need to make time for it regularly. It energizes my writing and makes me a happier person.

I hope y’all find a wealth of inspiration as fall colors and cooler weather make their way in (or new spring growth in other parts of the world)! Watch the blog later this month for pictures from my trip!

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