RWA Nationals Recap

I had the privilege of attending Romance Writers of America’s National Conference in Atlanta, GA this year! It’s been several years since I’ve been able to go, and the fact that this was the year I was eligible for the pink SOLD! ribbon made it that much more special.

Dani Wade, RWA Nationals, First Sale



I helped out at the PASIC reception held at Miss Pittypat’s Porch! This restaurant was incredible! Great food. genuine southern hospitality. and a really cool atmosphere.


PASIC, RWA Nationals, Miss Pittypat's Porch
Authors Kira Sinclair. Dani Wade, Andrea Laurence


I only got to attend 1 workshop while I was there but both the luncheon speeches were very inspirational! I’d forgotten how beneficial it is to listen to other authors talk about their journeys, the pitfalls and the high points. I came away with my creative well full and energized to write.


RWA Nationals, RITA Awards


The majority of my time at Nationals was focused on the RITA Awards ceremony, as I was on the Awards committee this year. But those rehearsals were all worth it! And I got to see my lovely sister, Ella Sheridan, on her big night! She was a finalist for RWA’s Golden Heart Award for Paranormal Romance. She didn’t win, but we still celebrated her first publishing contract by dancing the night away after the show.

RWA Nationals, Ella Sheridan, Dani Wade, Golden Heart Awards
Authors Ella Sheridan, Dani Wade

The other major event for me was meeting my editor for the very first time! Charles Griemsman is my editor at Harlequin Desire. It was wonderful getting to know him better, and attending a dinner with him and other Desire authors. They were all very welcoming and I truly enjoyed learning about each of these lovely ladies!


RWA Nationals, Dani Wade, Charles Griemsman, Harlequin Desire
Dani Wade with editor Charles Griemsman
RWA Nationals, Harlequin Desire, Desire authors
Authors Anna DePalo, Katherine Garbera, Emily McKay, editor Charles Griemsman, Michelle Celmer, Dani Wade


Probably my favorite time of the trip was the Harlequin Party! This annual event is put on by my publisher at Nationals to celebrate their authors. We danced, had desserts and drinks, and sang long into the night. I got to see my cover for His By Design make an appearance on the big screens hung near the dance floor. The Sale Shoes even made an appearance!!! It wouldn’t be a Harlequin Party without them. 

RWA Nationals, Harlequin, Harlequin party, Ruby Slippered Sisterhood
Authors Addison Fox. Liz Talley, Jennifer Bray-Weber, Dani Wade


RWA Nationals, Sale Shoes, Harlequin, Harlequin Party, First Sale, Romance Authors
Sale Shoes!!! Black-Dani Wade, Silver-Andrea Laurence, Brown-Kira Sinclair, slippers-Kimberly Lang (who had a good excuse for not wearing her sale shoes)


Every year that I’ve attended a National Conference has taught me something about myself, has pushed me forward in a career I love so very much. This year was about stepping outside my comfort zone, meeting new people, and trying not to panic in the glass elevators.  🙂 And it was my first time to really enjoy being Dani Wade, author. I think I accomplished a lot, hopefully started some new friendships, and created some great memories. I can’t wait to do it all again next year!




2 thoughts on “RWA Nationals Recap

  1. Great recap, Dani! Both you and your sister looked fabulous for the awards ceremony, and I’m so glad you got to make the most of attending with that lovely SOLD ribbon! Ella and I had way too much fun hanging with the other Golden Heart finalists and getting caught up in the whirlwind of celebratory fun. Now I just need another week to recover. 😉

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