July 2013 News

So many things happening over the last 2 months, all leading up to the release of my first Harlequin Desire in August! So many times being an author is about the daily grind of putting words on the page or revising words on the page. But I’ve had the opportunity to do more of the fun stuff recently (along with putting words on the page). In June I attended the Heart of Dixie readers luncheon, meeting readers for the first time as an author instead of as a volunteer! One highlight was presenting my very own author basket after years of creating raffle baskets for this event.

Harlequin Desire, His By Design, Dani Wade

Then I started off July with a new contract from Awesome Editor at Harlequin Desire!!! I don’t have a release date for these books yet, but we’ve already started the first and I’m thrilled! I hope to have more information on those soon. In the meantime, I’ll be meeting with Awesome Editor while I’m in Atlanta for RWA National conference in July. Lots of cool things happening there, including the opportunity to meet some of my fellow Desire authors.

The rest of the month will be horribly mundane, I’m sure. 🙂 Lots of words to get on the page as I work not only on my next Harlequin, but also Daniel’s book for the Backstage Pass series. I’ll share lots more about my RWA experience after I return home, and the exciting happenings for Design’s release next month!



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