Nationals or Bust Week 15: The Finale

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Wow! Can y’all believe its been 15 weeks since we started this little club? Nationals is next week and We Are Ready!

Today, I want to celebrate. Whether you’ve lost a little or a lot, whether you’ve posted every week or just followed along, I hope you’ve been encouraged and reinforced at least 1 thing that will stick with you on your journey to being a healthier person.

This is a hard road, and for those of us on it, its a road that doesn’t end at a particular weight number. It continues to weave itself throughout our life’s journeys, and that can be a tough realization to face.

But there are things along the way to make me smile — a pound lost, the realization that I need new (smaller!) clothes for Nationals, a new tip or trick, a new recipe — but most of all, those special friends you get to meet along the way! Thank you for joining me here every week. I wouldn’t have made ANY progress if I hadn’t had to check-in and reveal what I had/hadn’t done to others.

Challenge: If you want to share your final progress, please do! But I hope you’ll share the most important thing you learned over the last 15 weeks.

See you in Atlanta!!!!!



9 thoughts on “Nationals or Bust Week 15: The Finale

  1. I lost 11 pounds, total. More would have been great, but with so much traveling I guess I should be happy with that 11 pounds. What I’ve learned? I must exercise. A lot. And I’m trying. Last week was my first spin class. This week, Zumba. I even plan to take exercise clothes to Atlanta and visit their fitness center a couple or three times.

  2. LJ, that’s exactly what I learned! My body will only lose with lots of exercise. Which means 5:30am mornings, but you do what you have to! I’m down 9 pounds and very, very grateful for all the help and encouragement that got me there!

  3. I am down a pound! So that’s a total of 11.5 since we started, and almost 23 pounds since this time last year. Woot! The most valuable thing for me has been finding a way to lose weight that isn’t more stress-inducing than the weight itself. Regular exercise, limiting carbs — I can do it, and it isn’t that hard! And boy, does it feel good to be two sizes smaller than the (TIGHT!) pants I wore last year. 😀

  4. Great job Dani, Lucky 13 sister Ella, and friends! I wasn’t “playing” here, but I’ve lost 20 pounds since announcement day. My lesson? Exercise is like writing – for best results, you really should do it every day.

  5. Wow, Gail! That is awesome! I still have exactly 15 pounds to go, but I am very happy with all I’ve learned and my hard work. You should be too! Can’t wait to meet you in Atlanta!

  6. Ooh, great progress everyone! I’m still at a total loss of 7 lbs, and I’m okay with that. Things just got too crazy once July hit for me to find time to do much of anything not work-related, although I did try running away from my responsibilities. 😉 Can’t wait to meet everyone in Atlanta!

  7. Ha, Bonnie, you always make me laugh! Yes, having the kids home and trying to keep them happy and do this writing and job thing has wreaked havoc on my schedule. I’ll get there though. Very happy you joined us on this journey, and can’t wait to meet you next week in person!

  8. I’m so proud of all of you! Yes, you too Gail! Losing weight is hard work. Maintaining weight is hard work. Y’all have spent 15 weeks taking a good hard look at what we need to do to lose and be healthier. Fitting it in is hard (Bonnie, what’s the technique for running away from your responsibilities? Last time I tried I pulled something!) 🙂 Thank you for joining me on this journey! I’ll give you a big hug when we meet in Atlanta!

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