Nationals or Bust Week 14: Recipe Help

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So many times when we’re dieting we focus on what we “can’t” eat, and very little notoriety is given to what we CAN.

With my new meds and attempt to balance food, I find I have to have protein, which means meats for dinner. I’m notorious for cooking them until they’re dry, because I worry they’ll be raw in the middle. (Hubby, on the other hand, is great at it, but not home at dinnertime.) Plus, with a busy lifestyle (day job, kids’ activities, writing, a house…), I don’t have time to cook at full meal every night.

So today I want to share a quick and easy favorite from our house: mexican chicken. Just throw it in the crockpot (don’t forget the slow cooker bag!) and by dinnertime its ready to shred and use for a salad, burritos, tacos, nachos, whatever you heart desires — as long as you can be bothered to throw it together.  🙂

Here it is:

3 large bone-in chicken breasts (if you use boneless, add an extra breast)

1 large jar black bean & corn salsa (I prefer the Walmart brand.)

Line your crockpot with a slow cooker bag, add chicken, then pour jar of salsa on top. Set to low heat for 6 hours. Remove chicken from crockpot and shred with a fork. Serve as desired.

See? Easy peasy!

Challenge: What’s your favorite “healthy” dish these days?



4 thoughts on “Nationals or Bust Week 14: Recipe Help

  1. First of all, I’m down another couple of pounds! Woot. Another 1/10th of a pound, and I’ll be at a 10 pound loss since we started. And I’ve really buckled down, joined WW and started exercising a lot more, so I expect more loss before next week.

    Favorite recipe. It’s so easy, I can hardly call it a recipe! But here it is. I love blackberries. If you’re dieting, pie and cobbler and just out of the question. I tried this, and it’s good. Put a handful of blackberries in a bowl. (around — 12-15 berries) Microwave for 30 seconds, so it’s warm and has made a little bit of its own juice. Top with a little bit of low-fat frozen vanilla yogurt. I swear, it’s as good as any cobbler, with a LOT less calories. — LJ

  2. Is it completely horrible that my idea of a fast recipe is a Zaxby’s salad? 🙂

    I’m not sure what to think this week. At the end of last week, my doctor’s scale said I’d lost two more pounds. Now my scale says I’m at the same weight as last Wednesday. Either our scales don’t match (possible), or my weight is fluctuating due to hormones this week (also possible). I also haven’t been able to exercise this week because I’ve been sick. So we’ll see where I am at the weekend. :s

    Great job, LJ!!! So proud of your weight loss!!!

  3. LJ, YAY, YOU!!!!! Great job this week.

    And that recipe sounds good. I’ve been buying the Breyers Carb Smart ice cream and its very creamy!

  4. Don’t worry, Ella, this too shall pass. Once you aren’t sick any more, you’ll get back on the exercise bandwagon and it’ll go back down.

    I’m down 1 pound. Woot! We’ll see what I can do this week. 🙂 Maybe I can get down 2 more pounds before Nationals?

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