Chin Up, Keep Moving

I recently went to visit my friend, author Kimberly Lang, for walking lessons. That’s right. Walking lessons. Or more accurately, lessons for walking in high heels.

I received a special gift for my first publishing contract: a pair of “sale shoes”. I’ve worn moderate heels through the years, but these are 5 inch with a 1 inch platform (so its really like walking in 4 inch heels). And they are so special that I wanted to look natural wearing them — not be the girl carefully picking her way through the lobby because she’s afraid she’ll fall in her fantabulous shoes.  🙂

Sale shoes, romance author, first sale, heels

The lessons went great, and I learned one important thing — walking with your chin up makes a world of difference in attitude.

When she told me to stop watching my feet and lift my chin, I was amazed at the difference it made. My shoulders went back and I felt stronger, taller (something I could sure use), more centered. It made me look more confidence, even though I didn’t feel that way at first.

Fake it till you make it — the old adage personified. Over the past 6 months, I’ve found myself looking down a lot in my writing journey too. I keep watching for the next obstacle, the next thing I have to work my way around or over, because delays keep popping up  everywhere. Its very frustrating, and more than a little scary for the person who likes to know exactly where she’s going. So I have a feeling this little lesson is about more than shoes — its about life.

I’m trying (with the help of some friends and my hubby) to keep moving forward with my chin up. Rely on my instincts and keep an eye in the distance for what might be coming down the pike. In the long run, that will do me way more good than staring at the obstacles at my feet that I can do nothing about. And those shoes? Well, I walked my way through an entire readers’ luncheon without faltering, so I know practice CAN make perfect.

What obstacles have you caught up in the moment? What little things can you do to build your confidence and keep moving forward?



One thought on “Chin Up, Keep Moving

  1. Your body always goes where your eyes are. If you believe you will fall, you will fall. Ballet lessons that will stay with you forever.

    And you did great walking. It just takes a little practice and a little less fear. 🙂

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