Nationals or Bust Week 11: Happy Birthday!

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Well, ladies, I’m setting a bad example today. I’m celebrating being down another pound by going off my diet completely!!!!

Actually, today is mine and Ella’s birthday, so I’m taking a wee break, but back to it tomorrow. I used to take a break for any reason and could make just about any meal a special exception, but now I know that for what it was: rubbish.

But being good for 11 weeks or so has earned me today and only today! I’d love to hear your progress!



3 thoughts on “Nationals or Bust Week 11: Happy Birthday!

  1. So proud of you, Dani. I’m looking forward to enjoying a birthday lunch with you and celebrating the fact that we aren’t 40 YET!!! 🙂

    I have to admit, the last two weeks have been h*ll. There have been things going on in my personal life that have caused a lot of drama and hurt and anxiety. It has made me angry because this should be a time I can enjoy (my first sale) and be focused on writing and preparing to submit to agents, but instead I’m supporting a husband who can’t sleep at night and trying to decide if I should break off ties with an organization we have helped build for the last six years. Starting yesterday I went into insulation mode, but it has taken me two weeks to get there and everything else has gone out the window, including my diet and exercise, both of which have been haphazard.

    So today, I’m celebrating. I plan to toast my first sale and my birthday, to celebrate being with my husband and having the day off from work. And tomorrow, I plan to get back to business. So I haven’t weighed, but next week I will have a good week under my belt and know where I’m at on this road to Nationals.

    Thanks so much for the support, ladies. Without this weekly check-in, I would have given up by now. And whether I have reached my goal by Nationals or not, I am healthier, happier, and on the road to that goal with confidence. Thank you!

  2. Happy birthday, Ella and Dani! I’m up a pound this week, and that’s probably because I’ve spent too much time watching TV. Le sigh. Today’s a new day, so I’m going to go for a quick walk at lunch. Hope everyone else is making progress!

  3. Happy Birthday to both of you! I am not down this week. Since I ate out several times, I’m just happy there’s no gain. Back to eating healthy as of today! Salmon and veggies for supper. 🙂

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