Nationals or Bust Week 10: The Stress Test

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Oh my goodness, what a horrible day!

As shoes, dress clothes, and bra comes off, I try to shed the tension of the daily grind but its not working very well.

The kids start off tattling on each other, but go silent under my death stare. (I wish.) Before long, they’re whining about being forced to do chores and asking what’s for dinner. The email inbox reveals another agent rejection (boo) and still no word from my editor (boo hiss).

I start wishing I’d stopped at Krispy Kreme on my way home.


I don’t know about you, but more days than I care to think about go this way. A lot of it is, I live in my head and I’m a worrier, so I tend to add snow to the snowball as it rolls downhill. And the first and last thought when stress hits me? EAT!

It doesn’t make sense, but its still there. I’m not going to pretend to have a handle on this — not even close! But exercise has helped. I don’t turn to it as quickly as I should but I’m getting there.

My other big stress reliever is a nice, long bath. Shut the door and sink into the hot water — it can only help! 🙂

Challenge: How do you keep from reaching for food when you’re stressed? I can use all the pointers I can get.



5 thoughts on “Nationals or Bust Week 10: The Stress Test

  1. I signed up for this program where I have to call a counselor/nurse/nutritionist every morning, and I have to tell her what I ate the day before. It helps me because when I am about to reach for that cookie or whatever, I think- “I don’t want to tell Katie about that” and I normally end up not eating it. I’ll have a post on my blog soon about the program in more detail at some point. I wonder if that aspect of the program you could do with just a friend or your significant other?

  2. I’m lucky that I have a park near my house and when things get tough, I go for a swing on the swingset. I’ve even done it in the rain, which isn’t just fun, you don’t have to worry about waiting for your turn!

    I’m now down 7 pounds, so I’ve fallen off my plateau — in a good way.

    Your program sounds awesome, Brianna! Maybe I should get back to keeping a food journal…

  3. I’m a stress eater, too. It’s tough to combat, but just realizing it’s an issue is a step forward. I’ve started trying to make myself wait 10 minutes when I get that craving. Believe it or not, that usually helps!

    No loss this week, but no gain, either. And since I was in NY from Thursday to Sunday, I count that as a win. 🙂

  4. Bonnie,

    Yay, you! Great work this week and I’m glad u saw some results from it! I think I’ve found ur plateau. I’m still stuck at 7 pounds. 😦

    Swinging sounds like fun! Wish I had a park near me!

  5. Linda, yay! Those traveling weeks must be tough! Great job! I need to try the pause thing.

    Brianna, cool idea! I know just remembering that I will have to post my ups and downs on here has helped. Accountability is a great motivator! 🙂

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