Nationals or Bust Week 9: Exercise is a Must

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We’re working hard to slim down before RWA Nationals in July through healthy eating, exercise, sharing information, and accountability. Join us any time along the way, introduce yourself and post goals, or just contribute to the conversation! We’re here to share!

One thing I’m really enjoying is how this challenge has helped me establish a regular exercise schedule. If nothing else, I’m moving, which makes my body healthier, helps me control my blood sugar, decreases my appetite, improves my mood, and give me more confidence.

I really do enjoy my exercise of choice. It’s a lot easier to remember that when I do it more often. I think a key to regular exercise is finding something you do enjoy. For me, its an elliptical machine. I get on, set my resistance (which I vary throughout my workout), adjust my headphones and crank up the music. On the really good days, my characters come along and we plot to the music. 🙂

My other favorite exercise is swimming, but I don’t have access to a pool at this stage in my life — so the elliptical it is.

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Here are some other cool exercise option that you can do while writing, plotting, promoting, etc.

-Treadesk (the hottest trend for writers because you can walk on the treadmill while you write, emails, etc.)
-Take a walk outside/on a track/ hike (bring a recorder for brilliant ideas that pop up, or bring a fellow writer along to bounce brilliant ideas off of)
-Swim laps (plotting)
-Yard work (plot, work out problems while you pull weeds, push a mower, rake or dig)
-Mini-cycle (like a bicycle, but just the peddle part, to use while sitting at the computer, watching tv, etc)
-Free weights (use during research breaks, in one hand while searching the web with the other, or in between bouts on social media)

Challenge: What is your current exercise plan and how is it working for you? Is there anything on this list you can add over the summer to help increase your calorie burn?



8 thoughts on “Nationals or Bust Week 9: Exercise is a Must

  1. Down 7 pounds. Slow, but I’ll take it! Not getting much exercise at this point. Last week I was out of town again. I’m leaving for BEA in the morning. When I get busy, exercise is the first thing to go. Not good, I know. Next week! I have a treadmill I use on occasion, and the gym I belong to is about to start offering Bodyflow. I’ll get back to it. Man, I wish I had a clone who could cook healthy meals, exercise, and keep the house clean. The real me could just write and travel. 🙂

  2. I’ve been barred from the pool while my shoulder has been on the mend, but I’m lucky that there’s a gym with a pool just down the road from me. Their water aerobics classes vary in effectiveness from nursing home slow to military boot camp hard! In June I’m starting back with the lady who does a great class I can modify to be easier/harder on my shoulder, but I am SO looking forward to getting back in the water!

    I’m still walking outside/working out on the elliptical, although my plotting during exercise has been down to a minimum. It’s funny how your brain takes a hiatus when it knows you aren’t in plotting mode on a book. I can pretty much guarantee once the final sweep of Unbroken is done, I’ll have scene and character ideas flowing with my feet. I’m really looking forward to that!

    I am back to where I was last week, at a loss of 9.5 lbs. I’m not sure what has happened this week — my weight went on a roller coaster ride back up and now back down, with no seeming rhyme or reason. I’ve kept to my exercise schedule and all, so who knows? But for right now I’m still where I was after a really weird — and panic-inducing — week, so I’m happy right now. 🙂 Just gonna keep pushing along and hoping it works for Nationals. My official goal is 12 more pounds, but I’ll be happy with even 7. We’ll see what happens!

    Hope you all are doing great this week and enjoying success!

  3. Still at five pounds, gosh darn it! Have had a few setbacks with some low blood sugar days and a sprained knee (too many lunges, I think!), but am staying positive. Walking is my exercise of choice, whether on the treadmill or outside, and my exercise DVDs help me get the cardio blasts necessary to clear out the cobwebs and make me sweat.

    The mini-cycle sounds perfect for my So You Think You Can Dance viewing!

  4. LJ, I feel you! There are so many days when I think, I really don’t want to stop doing this to exercise (or cook or clean). Too much to do and not enough time to do it.

    But awesome on the 7 pounds!!! If you can lose while being on the go so much, my hats off to you! That’s extra hard and you are doing great! Congrats! And have fun at BEA next week!

  5. Ella, I suspect you’ve hit a mini-plateau while your body adjusts to the weight its lost and all the muscle you’ve built. Just hang in there! It will go back down, I promise!

  6. Bonnie, Great job! Hey, I count any week I don’t gain a win. I’m either working hard and losing at a snail’s pace, or I’m gaining by leaps and pounds. So I look on each week I don’t gain as a blessing (even if I wish I had lost). And blood sugar drops are hell to deal with. I know when I’m struggling to keep mine steady, I feel like crap. Even after I get it stabilized again. My new medicine is great about keeping it in check, but when it drops, it drops like a stone and I have great difficulty getting it back up. Luckily it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I’m kaput for the rest of the day.

  7. Well, I can’t give my “official” weigh in, because I overslept this morning, but as of yesterday I was down 1 pound, for a total of 6.5 (I think). Yay! I made every exercise goal this week and am feeling pretty good. So I’ll take it. 🙂

    Keep up the good work, ladies!

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