Nationals or Bust Week 6: I’m Not Perfect

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I remembered something about myself tonight. I’ m a perfectionist.

Shocking, I know. But I’ve really struggled over the past few days with a synopsis for my editor. Tonight I wasn’t feeling well, was trying to finish the synopsis and send it off, trying to bolster my sinking writer’s self-confidence, and it hit me — I don’t have my blog post up for tomorrow. Maybe we could skip just one week? Oh, heaven forbid!!! My perfectionist tendencies kicked in. I certainly could not do that.

Looking back over the last week, I’ve felt the same way in another area: my diet. I haven’t done it perfectly, so I’ve been very down on myself. Exercise is going well, but I haven’t followed my diet to the letter. So of course nothing is working. Of course I feel fat. Of course I’m depressed.

Because I’m not perfect. Hello! We’re not supposed to be.

Yes, I can try harder. But I also think this perfectionist thing hurts me. You see, if I can’t do something perfectly, why do it? It’s a lot easier to just give up.  🙂  So this week I’m going to focus on 1 meal at a time, and stop beating myself up over every little mistake.

Challenge: Are you a perfectionist? Or are you more flexible? How do your personality traits hinder or help your weight loss goals?

Check in today and let us know how you’re doing!

Dani (who promises to turn on the comments this week so Ella doesn’t panic!!!)


6 thoughts on “Nationals or Bust Week 6: I’m Not Perfect

  1. I’m down a pound this week for a total of 5 since we started. Perfect? No. I was on track to lose 2 pounds and wobbled a bit. Why is it that some people *can’t* eat when they’re stressed, or *can’t* eat if they don’t feel well? That’s so not me. I am the exact opposite. I had a headache all day yesterday, and in addition to the aspirin I was sure some bite of something would make me feel better. It did not. Still, I’m glad to be down at all, and am back on it today. — LJ

  2. I really wish I could be one of those people that can’t eat when they’re stressed or upset. Instead, I shovel in carbs like I might never eat again. I produce cortisol like a well-oiled machine. And because my shoulder has started acting up again, I have to eat every time I take the medication, sometimes at 2am. Yay.

    I was at RT last week, which is pretty much a wine and chocolate fest with almost no opportunity for real meals, much less healthy ones. And I went off one of my medications that keeps my weight in check because I think its giving me stomach pains. So of course, my weight shot up like a rocket launching into space.

    I am a perfectionist, but this is one place I continually fail. I’m either so good its hard to maintain for long, or I’m super bad. I’m not good with balance.

    *grumble grumble wine grumble*

  3. Dani, I hear you on the perfectionist thing. It takes me forevah to finish a manuscript because my evil internal editor always shows up… unless I play INXS and The Police. Huh.

    Linda and Andrea, we should all be stress sisters! Eating veggies doesn’t seem to make me feel any better when I’m stressing over something, such as not finding the time to work out. 😉

    This week, I started GH dress shopping, and I’m afraid to say that I did not find myself inspired. I’m still 4 pounds down, so at least I haven’t gained, but I probably need to be more diligent about the diet and exercise to make significant changes. Le sigh.

    Okay, enough whining for me! There’s nothing I can do about yesterday, but today is a great day to do my best. :::shakes pompoms:::

  4. Want some pompoms too, Bonnie!!!

    I’m down another pound. That’s 9.5 — 10 is so close but sooo faaarrr awwaaaayyy. 🙂 However, I should state that this is also what I weighed over the weekend. But the dreaded hormone monster hit today, so hopefully that half pound will come off by next week.

    Now I’m off to continue my Internet silence and wrap up Unbroken. Major smexy scene today, woot!

    *plan: 1 carb per meal, plenty of veggies and protein, at least 40 ozs of water/day, 5 hrs exercise/week. goal: 21.5 lbs; loss: 9.5 lbs; still to go:12 lbs.

  5. Hugs, ladies. Yep, I certainly don’t understand the “I’m upset, can’t stomach a thing”. I’m struggling with plot submissions, not feeling well, and hormones — I don’t want celery!!! Still, I’m trying to limit myself to 1 carb per meal. I didn’t weigh this morning bc I don’t want any more upset. 🙂 I’m just focusing on one meal at a time.

    And hey, there is usually a plateau in there somewhere! Just get back on the horse and start again — still preaching to the choir here!!! 🙂 Here’s to a successful week!

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