Nationals or Bust Week 5: Quick Check-in

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We’re working hard to slim down before RWA Nationals in July through healthy eating, exercise, sharing information, and accountability. Join us any time along the way, introduce yourself and post goals, or just contribute to the conversation! We’re here to share!


I’m going short and sweet this week! I seem to be facing any number or setbacks…admin appreciation week at work (with food coming out the wazoo — I wasn’t horrible, but I wasn’t perfect either), illness, revisions and release week, and trying to get my teenager out of the house for a trip. BUT I’m finally moving downward again, woohoo!!! AND my exercise is finally on track too. Though I need to take a page out of Ella Sheridan’s book. She’s doing incredible.

Sorry this is so short! Release week is kicking my tail.  🙂  But I want us all to have a place to check in, report progress, or your own setbacks and how you are facing them. The halfway point is coming up sooner than we can imagine. Yikes!!!

Challenge: Where are you at for Week 5? What changes have you made to your plan/eating/exercise?


11 thoughts on “Nationals or Bust Week 5: Quick Check-in

  1. Ha! Finally got the comments to come on! Groan! I hate technology sometimes, don’t you? But now you have no excuse not to check in and let Dani and me know how you’re doing, lol. So hop on and spill! :p

  2. I’ll go first since Dani is already at work and can’t check in till midmorning. After the last few weeks of day job he**, things are finally back to normal this week. I actually only have one project going at a time, woot! I’m not working eighteen-hour days this week and walking up and down the road just to maintain my sanity; I can actually walk and plot. Hallellujah!

    I’m down another pound, for a total of 8.5 lbs. 😀 At this rate (one lb per week), I’ll hit my goal the week of Nationals, lol. I went this week to try on some dresses to take with me and discovered I’ve gone down pretty much a dress size. I can’t wear the plus-size dresses anymore — I’ve moved into the regular clothes’ sizes, if at the top end. But that’s okay, because I have been shopping in the plus sizes for years, and now I can move down! I actually think I’ve dropped more than a size in pants, but my rib cage won’t let me get any lower in dresses (although I may lose more there and prove myself wrong — as long as I don’t lose in my boobs!). I’m trying to hold out a little bit longer on buying pants, but I did order a dress for the GH/Rita awards ceremony that will be easy to take in if it becomes too big (and if I like it). That seems scary, like I’m setting myself up to fail by hoping for too much, but considering I’m now 4 lbs below the lowest I’ve been in ten years (and have dropped into the next ten-pound bracket like I wanted so badly to do!!!), I’m praying I’m not getting too overambitious.

    So, enough about my clothes. 🙂 I haven’t been able to keep as heavy an exercise schedule up this past week because of work, but I’m hoping this week will remedy that and I can get completely back on track. Not hope — I WILL do it! Lots to take care of, but at least I’m heading in the right direction, and it feels very good. 🙂

    *plan: one carb per meal, lots of protein and veggies, minimum 40 ozs water daily, one hour of exercise 5 days/week; loss: 8.5 lbs, 13 lbs to go!!!

  3. I’m holding at four pounds down, but considering that I was out of town last week (again — I’ve been away from home four out of the last six weeks) I’ll take it. When I’m eating out every day, no gain is a good thing. But now I’m home and I plan to stay here for a month or so before I hit the road again. This week I’m back to sparkpeople and protein shakes for breakfast — and sometimes for lunch, too. I’m trying to work in small bursts of exercise as well as longer stretches on the treadmill.

  4. Absolutely, LJ — eating out usually ends up with a gain for me too. I’m glad you get to stay home for a little while. 🙂

  5. Awesome job ladies!!! I’m sorry I forgot to check in before leaving (and leaving Ella to discover that I turned off the comments, Yikes!). But I, too, am officially down into the next 10-pound range! That’s only 3 lbs lost, but I’ll take it!

  6. LJ, considering how much you’ve been on the road, you are doing great! Better than me and I’ve been at home. 🙂 I hope this month at home will help lots.

  7. Ella, I’m so very proud of you!!! You are doing great. Isn’t going down a size in clothes an awesome feeling? Keep up the good work, and congrats on a little less stress this week. Refill that well, baby

  8. Hmm, I’m thinking where we’re at is dwindling slowly, lol. We’re missing quite a few check-ins today (although I know our dear Andrea is at RT and hopefully not thinking about dieting this week!). Come on y’all, let’s get it together!

  9. My apologies for checking in so darn late! The day got away from me like a feral cat. I’m 4 pounds down, which I’m happy with. I’m nervous, though, because I’m about to start a four-month on-site project that has driven me to donuts before (it’s very stressful but pays well).

    So I’m promising myself to be prepared by brining healthy lunches and snacks and doing little things like only filling my water glass halfway so I have to walk to the water cooler more often.

    Flipping the calendar page over made me a little sad — I had all those nice gold stars on the days I got in at least 1/2 an hour of cardio! May is a great opportunity to do better than I did in April!

    Way to go on making it to the regular sizes, Ella! And congrats on keeping the pounds off while being on the road, Linda! Congrats on the revisions and release week, Dani!

  10. Hey, great news on being down, Bonnie! I know I miss my gold stars every time I start a new week too. I think you’re doing good with your planning ahead though. Just keep thinking of things you can do to help you stay healthy through the stress — and maybe give yourself a doughnut once a week to hold off bingeing (which I know is a problem for me, definitely!).

    Good work!

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