Nationals or Bust Week 3: Motivation

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 We’re working hard to slim down before RWA Nationals in July through healthy eating, exercise, sharing information, and accountability. Join us any time along the way, introduce yourself and post goals, or just contribute to the conversation! We’re here to share!

I usually find that about Week 3 I start to run out of motivation – that surge of energy that keeps me on track with various levels of enthusiasm. Usually because results can be hard to come by with my health issues.

Sine I’m no motivational guru (I need more advice than I can give on this topic), I’ve searched the web for interesting sites and strategies we can all utilize to keep us moving forward.

The Healthy Writer Blog

Calorie Counter

Healthy Living Articles

Shape Magazine

Prevention Magazine

Kaizen Blog (links to diet posts)




Don’t forget searches on YouTube and Pinterest for diet motivation, exercises, and healthy cooking.

CHALLENGE: Where do you find your motivation? What keeps you moving forward?

Share Your Progress! (even if the #s haven’t changed, we still have lots to celebrate)



17 thoughts on “Nationals or Bust Week 3: Motivation

  1. Guess it would help if I turned on comments, huh? 🙂 Heck, I’m in revision hell, so I’m amazed I can remember anything.

    I hope everyone is hanging in there this week! I kind of went opposite this week: did extra exercise but slacked a lot on my eating. As a result, I’m exactly the same as last week. Wow. If I’d eaten right, I might have actually lost something!!! But I’m happy I didn’t gain.

    This book has to be turned into the formatter on Thursday, and until then, my big struggle is to not munch my way through revisions. Yep, I like to eat when I’m stressed and when I’m writing. So I’m going to concentrate on that and the exercise, then get some healthy meals together once I’m done. That gives me the better part of a week to make some weight progress!!!!

    How’s everybody else doing? Do y’all eat while you write? (I know, bad author!)

  2. Sometimes holding rather than gaining is the only positive I get, so I understand! I’m going to really focus on eating right and exercising this week, and hope to drop a couple more pounds. As for motivation, I have a string bikini hanging in plain sight — one I bought years ago and never wore. Of course, only my hubby will ever see me wear it!

  3. I’m out of town and without a scale, but I’ll check back in next week with progress. I am trying to eat healthy even though I’m eating out a lot. Found a very good pre-packaged salad in Kroger, and had that for supper last night. There was a good variety, and most only had 260-320 calories. I’ll be buying those again.

    I don’t eat while I write. Maybe I should write more. 🙂 — LJ

  4. I was down two pound as of Monday, but Monday sucked the big one, so officially as of this morning, I’m only down 1/2 lb for 2 total. I did more on my treadmill this week, including 75 minutes yesterday at a slow pace, but on an incline. I was pleased with that. With my laptop desk, I’m able to walk about 2 mph while on the computer. I can’t write, but I was able to read over someone’s novella, so I feel more productive.

    I do eat while I write. That’s the thing. When my writing is going well, I’m a word powerhouse. 10k in a day sometimes. But there’s a price. Sugar, chewing, caffeine…all part of the magic equasion. A few weeks ago when I’d given up sugar and carbs, my novella stalled and I couldn’t figure out why. The pieces just wouldn’t click together for me to move forward. I got in the car, went to Target and got Diet Coke and easter candy. Finished the novella that day. I’m a kinesthetic learner, so the chewing is a big helper, but things like gum don’t do it. Jelly beans, M&Ms, girl scout cookies… that’s what works. Sadly.

    In the next two weeks leading up to the RT convention, I need to get a draft of my book done. I’m starting chapter 8. There will be candy. I just have to figure out how there will be exercise, too.

  5. Andrea, maybe sugar-free versions?

    I am down a total of 5.5 lbs as of today. Woot! I’ve worked my ass off, literally, so I’m really glad I saw some results. Of course, this is the point at which I typically stall out and start to gain, so I am determined that this week will be good. Has to be. I WILL lose the weight before I get to Nationals. I have 14.5 lbs to go, so let’s get on it!

    Believe it or not, it’s the tapes in my head that I get encouragement from. If those tapes are running bad, negative, “you’ll never do it” things, I don’t do good. If they’re running “just a little bit longer,” “look how these pants fit” tapes, I do better. Guess those motivational quotes from last week will come in handy this week, huh? 🙂

    Come on, guys, we can do it! Keep experimenting, keep trying to find what works for you, and NO EXCUSES!!!

    *plan: 1 carb per meal, extra protein and veggies, exercise 5x per week, 36+ ozs of water daily

  6. I’m up a pound. Dammit. I’ve eaten well but Sweet Peppers and Weight Watchers don’t really go together well. Even their “lite” things have loads of points. Work has been a bear and it’s been a struggle not to hit the chocolate stash in the supply room. I did have a mini Snickers bar yesterday. It has peanuts. Protein, right? 😉

    Exercise? I’ve done stretching and some isometrics but those don’t burn like cardio and right now I don’t have access to an exercise bike. I can’t do anything that pounds on my foot and that eliminates a lot of things. Last week’s storms made every bone in my body hurt (or maybe it was last week’s birthday). It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re in pain.

    I may be wearing a sheet with a hole cut out for my head to RWA.

  7. Being a part of this group is a lot more motivating than I expected it to be. Thanks Dani and everyone!

    I’m delighted to report that I’m down 1 pound!

    What’s excited me, though, is that I’m finding ways to add more activity to my day, whether taking an extra trip up and down the stairs, getting off the bus a few stops early or doing my bus stop clenches. 😉

    And, during those evenings when the draw of reality TV is too great, I exercise during commercial breaks to “earn” the right to keep watching.

    I also have a new mantra when I’m feeling peckish between meals: “No one ever got fat from eating raw vegetables.”

    This weekend I’m getting my bike and helmet out of the shed! So bring on the good (or at least not pouring rain) weather!

  8. The sugar free versions don’t work because its the sugar that does most the brain boosting. Plus, if I eat as many sugar free jellybeans and I do real ones, I’ll be sick as a dog. Not inspiring for romance at all. 🙂

  9. I would just keep trying different things until you hit on something, Andrea. Maybe a mix of good and “bad,” like trail mix with M&M’s? Long-term it’s better to keep trying new things than to be stuck with that kind of inspiration and an extra hundred lbs, right? Kinda like people who have to train themselves to write in different places? Writers say they can’t do it, but when necessity hits, it’s either find some way to work around it or not move forward. Keep trying. Don’t give up!

    You go, Bonnie! We’re gonna look great at the reception, aren’t we? 🙂 I forgot, I do that “earning” thing too with various stuff. I don’t watch TV, but I’ll tell myself on the elliptical, “Just three more minutes and you can be done.” Followed by “Dang (though that’s not the word I use lately, lol), you’re good, girl! Look at you go!” when I hit that three-minute mark. 😉

  10. Awesome job, ladies! Good job with the exercise Ella, Bonnie, and Andrea. Keep up with that! I realized today that I will have to give up my 15 minute workouts at work soon. It was really hot outside today and the woman who controls the temperature in our office doesn’t believe the air conditioning should run much. I came in sweating and didn’t stop for an hour. Not pretty!

    This means I will have to add more workouts at home during the week. *bites nails* This worries me.

  11. Marilyn,
    Have you thought about getting an exercise video and just doing the upper body parts? Modifying the lower body parts to do while seated. LIke some leg lifts when they’re kicking on the video, etc? That might get your heart rate up more than what you’re doing.

  12. Good job, LJ! Being away from home makes it really hard for me to both exercise and eat healthy. You get a gold star for finding a way to keep it healthy while you’re gone.

  13. I’m so proud of everyone’s hard work this week! So many pounds lost! We’ve just gotta keep at it, 1 choice at a time. Next week, Ella will be sharing info with us!

  14. I realized last night I miscalculated how much I have left to lose. I’ve lost 5.5 lbs, which leaves 16 to go (22.5-5.5, not 20-5.5!). Okay, still exactly 1/4 of the way through to my goal. 🙂

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