April News

Wow! March flew by me as briskly as the winds here in the South. Now its a blur of writing, revising, and more revising. I’m a little behind because of a special project I picked up (which I hope I can share more about next month), so I’ve had to postpone Finding Her Rhythm’s release until April 30, 2013. I want the story to be perfect, so I’m not gonna rush it. I truly love working on Michael and Taylor’s story, and hope you enjoy reading it!

I’m still waiting to hear from awesome editor on my submissions, but will hopefully have news there soon too! In the meantime, its more revisions for Michael and Taylor, then off to line edits and formatting. I’m always busy, even when playing the waiting game that happens so frequently in publishing.

I’ve got some fun field trips lined up, and hope you’ll join me as I venture once more into the cyber-world. There’s also something extra special coming to the blog this month! The start of my Nationals or Bust Health Challenge. My very talented sister (and copy editor) is a finalist in RWA’s Golden Heart contest, and I’ll be meeting my editor (hopefully) and lots of authors from my line, so we’re both anxious to slim down a bit for Atlanta in July. I invite y’all to join us, whether you’re attending RWA or not, as we encourage, inform, and hold each other accountable in our quest for better health and a teeny increase in self-confidence!!!

It looks like a busy summer ahead. Stick with me — it’s going to be fun!!!!


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