Shake Ya Groove Thang!

I voluntarily confess to being a music fanatic. Next to a good book, an iTunes card is my favorite gift. Now, I didn’t say I was an aficionado – I pretty much have specific things I’ll listen to: Top 40s, some harder rock, a bare minimum of country, and some instrumental movie soundtracks that I like to write to. That’s about it, but its more than enough. Go one day without music and I’m most definitely going crazy.

Music motivates my writing, enriching scenes, evoking emotion. Each of my main characters has a theme song that I listen to when I need to get into their state of mind quickly. This would annoy anyone within listening distance, because I play the same song over and over on repeat. Lucky for those around me, I use headphones.

Shoe Speakers

But I’ve learned that music can motivate me in many areas – lifting me from a bad mood, saving me from boredom, ramping up my speed on the elliptical, and yes, even making housework fun. As long as I can remember, my mother has cranked up some fun, upbeat music while she dances her way through the housework. I didn’t adopt this practice when I moved out on my own, but a couple of Christmases ago the hubby gave me a pair of speakers shaped like red high heels. I could plug in my iPod and listen while I cooked dinner. Then during dishes. Now, I too love to crank it up while cleaning in just about anything. It makes the time pass quicker and gives me something to think about other than the fact that I have to scrub toilets.

What about you? What role does music play in your life? What is your favorite song? I’ll leave you with a video of my current hero’s “theme song”:




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2 thoughts on “Shake Ya Groove Thang!

  1. Dani,
    Fun isn’t it. I am a 70’s, Disco and Country music chick. I know I’m telling my age…lol. At work, when working on spreadsheets, tests, or long documents, I will put music on via my computer. Usually I listen to music that I have downloaded onto computer. It eases my mind when dealing some of the aspects of my job. Favorite song or songs for me Don’t Rush by Kelly Clarkson with Vince Gill, Be Mine by Hunter Hayes, just to start.

  2. The novella I’m writing now is based around a country music song. I have a few songs I use for particular writing moods. And if I’m writing at a coffee shop I have an instrumental playlist to block out the noise.

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