Times, They R A Changin’

The past few weeks have been crazy! On top of my first book release, I’ve started a new day job that requires longer hours and no internet access (I’m definitely feeling the deprivation). As a wife, mother, and woman with a bazillion things that need to be done, I can relate with the need to juggle and make things work. We all have to do it. And when change comes into our lives, so do new coping strategies.

At least, I’m hoping they do! I’ve been trying out several different things, working to make everything run smoothly and also leave time for me to write and sleep and have some kind of a life. As we all know, there’s never any definitive answers, and as soon as our families settle into a pattern something new usually comes along. But for now, here’s a few goals that I’m aiming for every day:

1. Keep meals simple, utilize the crockpot often, and save the meal for the weekend if its going to take to long to prepare. Oh, and we’re eating plenty of leftovers. I’m hoping if we have frozen foods once or twice a week, there won’t be any lasting damage!

2. Use my lunch break to get in some writing or plotting, so that I’ve already started the process before I finally get to write at home. This usually nets me at least 500 words, and really rejuvenates me during the day. It also helps me feel like I’m accomplishing something on those nights when we have too many things going on and I have to hit the bed without writing.

3. Don’t multitask. At least in terms of creativity and family. Now household chores, sure, it works great. But my creativity needs one-on-one time, and so does my family, even if its short bursts. That’s a whole new way of thinking about things for me, and will take a little adjustment. Okay, a lot. 🙂  I’m slow, but I eventually get there.

4. Take time for me. Just because life is busy, I work 2 jobs, and always seem to be behind on something, doesn’t mean I don’t deserve some free time now and again. In fact, I work better if I give myself a break. That’s a hard 1 to remember, but it really is true! This might mean a nice, hot bath, or a couple of days to read a book.

As you know, I’m always open to suggestions! I’m still struggling to fit in exercise, keep up with the kids’ school stuff, and keep the house clean (though I’m proud to say that we still wouldn’t be shut down if the health inspector came, even if I haven’t dusted in almost a month). Tell me, how do you do it all? What do you let slide? Where do you spend your time wisely?



3 thoughts on “Times, They R A Changin’

  1. Hi Dani
    I think you are on the right path, by saying this I mean you are not trying to be Superwoman, which by the way doesn’t pay. Sometimes you may need to let some of the house work go. You do have your priorities straight, putting your family first, taking time for YOU, keeping things in perspective. It will always work out, soldier on.

  2. Thanks so much, Ginger! I appreciate the encouragement. You know, its hard to let go of being Superwoman, but I’m getting better at it. I’m also getting better at letting go of control of certain things. Like household chores — I let the kids do a lot more now. So it isn’t done perfectly, so what? If its really bad, I make them do it over. Either way, its a relief that its done without taking time away from things I really need to be doing.

    If living my dream means having a messy house, so be it. 🙂

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