Take 2 Thursday: ADD, Word Count & Why Dead Bodies Are Good for the Living by Kristen Lamb

Happy Thanksgiving!
From My Family to Yours

As an author, I’m on a slow learning curve when it comes to social media (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and how to use it to connect with readers, fellow authors, and industry professionals (and I truly mean connect, not bombard with promotional posts). I’m not the best at it, but I’m truly trying to figure some aspects of it out. I’m an introvert, but also enjoy social interaction. The perfectionist in me wants to do it RIGHT (or at least, not embarrass myself in public).

In my search to learn all I can, I’ve been reading a blog by Kristen Lamb that is absolutely invaluable in this area and many other aspects of a writer’s journey. The post I’m sharing with you today is about rest. If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you might have seen that this is a problem area for me. I want to rest, but then I feel guilty about resting because I should be DOING something during that time. But Kristen discusses what I’ve long suspected and struggle to absorb: sometimes stopping to rest means farther progress in the long run.

Check it out!




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