Release Week Crazies

I was privileged to have SNOW BOUND go live on Amazon last week, then Smashwords over the weekend. There were a lot of technical things for me to figure out (and I’m NOT technically minded, believe me), and blog posts for me to prepare for the next month. I chose to go ahead and get those ready, because I start a new full time job next week. Learning new people and a new computer system, I have no idea what level my creative brain will be functioning at next week.

Full time work (and somehow I never get the jobs that have lots of downtime), a family, activities at 2 different schools, writing and publishing — life is filled to overflowing. I’d love to say I stay on top of everything, know exactly when each child needs to arrive at their special events, remember which day I have guest posts, and when edits are due, but I can’t. Other people find me to be very organized, but they simply can’t see the little man behind the curtain.  🙂

The main way I keep up with the bazillion things that happen every week of our lives is my trusty Day Planner. Some years its a more expensive, involved planner; sometimes I go for the basic model. This year it was the latter. I looked several places but found a basic model at the Big Lots store for cheap and snatched it up. Now I don’t like small spaces on the page, because my writing is quiet large, but in this case I convinced myself it worked. You see, I’m going to have less time than I used too. Less space = fewer notes. I say its a sign, because I truly won’t have enough time nor energy to have a jam-packed day when I come home.

I also keep a list that I call the Mind-Boggling To Do List. This list never ends (as work never ends for parents, I’m sure you’ll agree). I simply check off when something is done, and add when something else comes to mind. Now, this might appear to add stress, but actually it relieves it. By getting things that I need to remember on the page, I have confidence that I won’t forget them now or in the future. I simply have to look at the list. I can actually “forget” it.  🙂

So I’m hanging on this week with my Day Planner and Mind-Boggling To Do List. What tools do you use to keep your chaos under control? 


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